Daily Thunderstorms = No Projects


The window project is on hold due to the weather.

Or at least, that is what I tell myself.

Ron gets out, mows and weed eats in the morning before the daily thunderstorms hit.  So I really have no excuse.  🙂

The fact is, the COPD is causing a lack of energy and motivation.  And maybe a low-grade depression.  After antibiotic and steroid shots last Thursday, I felt great Saturday.  But now I’m struggling to feel energetic and motivated again.

I go in for a stress test tomorrow.  Not looking forward to that!

I do want to get to Mile High Campground in NC in July, probably around the middle of the month.  If that works out, that will provide all the energy and motivation I need to get the window installed.

In the meantime, I’m taking advantage of the steamy, soggy weather to bury myself in some good books.



  1. Good excuse to not work — and good books to take the place of work. Perfect!


    • Sue, I have reveled in burying myself in books and reading today. I even sent hubby out to pick up dinner so I don’t have to cook.

      Sometimes not doing anything feels like decadent luxury! 🙂


  2. Jane

     /  June 25, 2013

    I live in AL; am acutely aware of the humidity! Do you have any pros or cons to offer on the Casita? I am thinking of purchasing one. My tow vehile is a Dodge Sport truck. Janie in Alabama


    • Janie, I bought my Casita used and I have had it for a year and a half. My husband and I are more in love with it than ever. It is absolutely perfect for the kind of traveling and camping we do.

      The main thing is whether you are comfortable in small spaces or not. Some people hate them and feel claustrophobic in them. Others, like us, think they are ideal.

      Incidentally, I showed my Casita to another couple today who were visiting my next door neighbors. They are thinking of getting a used Casita to travel to the south and southwest in the winter. Even though the guy was 6’4″ and had to duck his head a little, they were crazy about it because they don’t plan to spend all day every day inside the Casita.

      The Casitas work best if you live out of them instead of in them. If you like going outside, sitting under the awning, going for hikes and seeing the sights, they are great. If you are ever rained in for 3 or 4 days in a row, staying inside the Casita will get claustrophobic.

      It all depends on your style of camping and traveling.

      To tow a 17′ Casita, Casita recommends that your tow vehicle have a 5000 lb rating, although some people do get by with one rated for 3500 lbs. You will also have to have a tow package installed in your truck (transmission cooler and trailer charge line), otherwise you can burn out your transmission. And you need a brake controller for the trailer’s electric brakes. Also, you need to be aware of your tow vehicle’s tongue weight rating. 17′ Casitas are nose heavy. Dry they are around 350 pounds, but when you add propane tanks and your normal supplies, the tongue weight could easily go up to 500 pounds.

      If your tow vehicle is marginal, you might do better with a Scamp, as they are lighter and do not have the heavy tongue weight. In my opinion, they do not have the quality of the Casita, but safe towing with your truck is the most important thing. Scamps are trickier to keep from swaying, but with careful packing and a sway bar, you would probably be fine.


  3. Darn it….I want you to get your mojo back! Hopefully the meds will help….hot steamy weather always seems to take our step out…compound by other symptoms I’m sure! cyberhugs ooooooooooooooooooo


    • I’ll get it back. Don’t worry!!! Steamy weather with heavy air always slows me down. But the first crisp fall day…. or cool breezes on a mountain…. will have me deliriously happy again!


  4. Janis and Keith

     /  June 26, 2013

    Any chance you could post the information from awhile back as to how you took your Aliner and made 2 beds and took some of the camper out to make a small chest of drawers inbetween the two beds? Also – How you put up shower curtain. We purchased a 2003 Aliner with Shower and toilet, but have never used th shower. I am not sure how to attach a shower curtain.
    Thank you for any info you could give us!! : )


    • Hi, Janis and Keith. The only article on this blog showing how I redid the Aliner (that I can remember) is here. https://tinycamper.wordpress.com/2010/04/16/our-little-aliner-camper/#comments

      The shower curtain was tricky. I used elastic as the shower curtain rod with loops that attached to cupholders screwed into the top of the fold-down shower wall and the bottom of the window frame. That way I could just fold it up when we were ready to fold down the trailer.

      I had to cut fabric shower curtains to match the slope of the elastic “curtain rods”, trimming them to fit around the toilet. The back part of the shower curtain was attached to the bottom of the window frame… I think by small cup hooks. It has been so long (7 years) that I have forgotten some of the details.


  5. North Carolina sounds wonderful!


    • I’ll do a post tomorrow that includes pictures of where we plan to go. I think it probably has the most beautiful views in the Smokies!


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