Our Drought is History

Today's deluge

Today’s deluge

I read that February broke our all time record for rainfall.  Our multi-year drought is finally broken!

I am thrilled that the drought is gone.  That means lots of flowers and mushrooms this year.  But I am wondering if I should consider building an ark now.  🙂

Right now lightning is flashing and thunder is booming.  A tornado watch is in effect.  Colder weather is moving in behind the rain.  It sure is testing my patience, as I am beyond chomping at the bit to get the fan installed in the trailer.

As changeable as the weather is lately though, I’m still hoping that an unpredicted, beautiful day will pop up.  I’ll be ready when it does come!

I am working hard to keep a positive, cheery outlook. Warm, sunny weather will be such good medicine!

On the other hand, Sheba doesn’t care about the rain.  I opened the door to take a photo for the blog and she tore out into the downpour.

As an old friend would say, “That dog’s not right bright.”  😀


  1. OH yes…a little sunshine and some heat around the corner should make some for fine mushroom beauties!!!


    • My camera is itching to take pictures of them! My tummy is a little more cautious. But I know I’ll hit the jackpot sometime this year!


  2. Hoping you get to pick all the mushrooms you would ever want.:-) It won’t be long until we’re once again complaining about how dry and hot it is. Hail the size of golf balls, and rain here tonight. At the least, it will wash away some of the pine pollen.


    • Yikes! Hail is scary! I hope nothing was damaged! I know seasons change and get embarrassed at my impatience sometimes!


  3. I’m sure this rain is making the farmers plenty happy. Just hope it doesn’t drown the crops. I bet your will have a really pretty spring.


    • Georgia was turning into a desert before the rains came. This really is a long awaited answer to prayer! 🙂


  4. Love, love the photo. We’re hanging out in NV for a few days. On the way here from Green Valley, we finally have seen some green…such a wonderful break from all the beige/brown in the Tucson area. Cactus are blooming. It’s wonderful.


    • Isn’t it amazing how green — and flowers — can water the soul?

      My sister in Florida sent me some pictures she took down there to cheer me up. They took my breath away! I will post some of them tomorrow.


  5. MarciaGB

     /  March 20, 2013

    This too shall pass and you’ll have your bright sunny days soon. We just returned to MA after 3 months in FL and the first thing that happened was a big snowstorm. Happy Spring!


    • Marcia, what culture shock the snowstorm must have been after 3 months in Florida!

      Actually I remember a March storm in north Florida in the 90’s that dusted the ground with snow and left us without electricity for 5 days. I guess I’ve just gotten spoiled to global warming! 🙂


  6. MarciaGB

     /  March 20, 2013

    Oh, believe me, it was cruel! I’m a New Englander by birth but I just can’t take the cold and wind anymore. Wow – no electricity in FL for five days due to snow – that must have been crazy!


    • I can’t take cold and wind like I used to, either. I sure couldn’t take it up where you live!!! Used to I would bundle up and head out into the woods for winter photos. Now I hibernate!

      During that storm in Florida, we were in an all electric house. No heat, no cooking, no water (no electricity for the well) which meant no flushing. The FIRST thing I did after that storm was get a propane cook stove so at least I could boil water and have hot food if it ever happened again. I have not been without a propane cook stove since!


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