Carry a Big Stick!

Sheba is in the wood hauling business.

Sheba is in the wood hauling business.

I’m still waiting for the weather to warm up enough so I can work on my Casita projects.  Right now it’s still too cool for the adhesives to set properly.  It’s supposed to warm up this weekend, though.

Sheba's toy box

Sheba’s toy box

In the meantime, Sheba is the only one who is enjoying the outdoors.  She has gathered an impressive pile of country-style toys, proudly displayed in the yard, which she apparently considers her own personal toy box.  🙂

Even though we live in the woods, her junk piles have become a little too much for us to ignore.  Hope she’s not too upset when we clean up the mess!

Nah.  She’ll probably just thoroughly enjoy having a new project.

“Betcha wish you had it!”

"You gotta protect your important stuff."

“You gotta guard your important stuff.”

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  1. cozygirl

     /  March 14, 2013

    Nothing better then a little stick gathering fun…it’s the little things in life eh?!:) So happy your back…missed you! xo


  2. After I got over the pneumonia, I got a chest cold, so haven’t been going outside in the wind and cold. Today I stuck my nose out, and it wasn’t too bad. I will probably actually accomplish some things this weekend. I hope!

    Dogs are kind of like tiny camper people. They don’t need lots of stuff to make them happy!


  3. lynne

     /  March 14, 2013

    Love the action pictures of Sheba…..she is so full of energy! And it’s great to hear from you. Do hope you are feeling better.

    It’s very busy here at the GE &H…hope to get a post done soon!


    • I didn’t expect to hear anything from you for a while. I knew you would be BUSY! 🙂

      Sheba is beginning to calm down a bit. Sometimes. She still has her moments, though!

      Looking forward to hearing what’s going on at the rally!


  4. Glad you are back on the air….how are you coming with Sheba’s new halter?


    • Judy, I haven’t even tried it yet! The only time I leash her is when we are out camping. It was so hard training her to stay in the yard, I am afraid if I walk her on a leash here that she will decide it’s fine for her to leave home anytime!

      Although she is a little hardhead, she’s content to run, play, chase and stay in the yard now.

      I hope that’s not an indication that I’m a rotten doggie mom! 🙂

      She has settled down enough that I don’t expect the problems with leash yanking that I used to have, and I’m confident the harness will do its job — based simply on all the overwhelmingly good reviews it has.

      And a lot of faith and hope! 😀


  5. At least her mess is outside. Fred has toys all over the place. I tried to teach him to put them away. He watches me and wonders “why is she doing that”? I walk away and he is following me with a toy in his mouth. And another one and another on, you get the picture.


    • Too funny! The only time Sheba plays with toys inside is to squeak her squeaky toys to tease Sunny and provoke him into chasing her! Then she hides them so I won’t steal them!


  6. I’m sure Sheba thinks she has everything organized just so!


  7. That IS a big stick. Bet she could be a lot of help when it is time to build the fire.


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