Fast Food Strawberry Shakes & Camper Pillows

I’m in slow motion on projects right now.  Tonight I’m sewing velcro closures on the Casita’s throw pillows.  I thought overlapping the material would be secure enough.  But when we punch them, lean on them, and actually use them, the pillows get deformed and the covers pop open in the back.

The velcro will keep them closed and help them keep their shape.

Pillows before velcro

Pillows before velcro

It will be at least a week before the Fantastic Fan arrives.  And I wasn’t in the mood to drill bolt holes for the propane tank hold-downs today.  It’s one of those low-energy weeks.  Nothing 70 degree days and sunshine won’t eventually cure!

My sister just emailed me the following.  Besides giving me something to blog about, it reinforces my decision to stick to whole foods as much as possible!

Fast Food “Strawberry” milkshake

Take a look at the ingredients you might find in a fast-food strawberry milkshake: milkfat and nonfat milk, sugar, sweet whey, high-fructose corn syrup, guar gum, monoglycerides and diglycerides, cellulose gum, sodium phosphate, carrageenan, citric acid, E129 and artificial strawberry flavour.

Strawberry shake

Strawberry shake

And what does that “artificial strawberry flavour” contain?

Just these few yummy chemicals: amyl acetate, amyl butyrate, amyl valerate, anethol, anisyl formate, benzyl acetate, benzyl isobutyrate, butyric acid, cinnamyl isobutyrate, cinnamyl valerate, cognac essential oil, diacetyl, dipropyl ketone, ethyl butyrate, ethyl cinnamate, ethyl heptanoate, ethyl heptylate, ethyl lactate, ethyl methylphenylglycidate, ethyl nitrate, ethyl propionate, ethyl valerate, heliotropin, hydroxyphrenyl- 2-butanone (10% solution in alcohol), ionone, isobutyl anthranilate, isobutyl butyrate, lemon essential oil, maltol, 4-methylacetophenone, methyl anthranilate, methyl benzoate, methyl cinnamate, methyl heptine carbonate, methyl naphthyl ketone, methyl salicylate, mint essential oil, neroli essential oil, nerolin, neryl isobutyrate, orris butter, phenethyl alcohol, rose, rum ether, undecalactone, vanillin and solvent.


Read more here.  This is a UK site.  Maybe they are healthier on this side of the pond?  😀




  1. strivingfortiny

     /  February 19, 2013

    Oh that is so gross. I can’t believe all the disgusting chemicals just in the artificial flavor!!
    I love this post you put up!! It’s a real eye opener to what we put in our bodies day to day. I’m guilty of it, too. I throw down McD’s and diet coke now and then. But seriously do make it a habit of making good, homemade things to eat for myself. And I love my blender for breakfast drinks! It’s so much healthier to make that Strawberry Shake from REAL strawberries than to get it at a drive-thru. Add a banana, and even an envelope of Carnations Instant Breakfast for added flavor and fun :/ Yummo

    And as for the velcro backs for the pillows. Great idea!! The sham on my (one) euro-pillow (big square pillow) opens up all the time! I’m going to use your idea and seal that right up!!
    Great postings you made Tiny Camper!! 😀


    • Once in a while I indulge in a McDonald’s chocolate shake… maybe a couple of times a year. It’s a guilty pleasure. At home I make strawberry soft serve ice cream with frozen strawberries and yogurt.

      Glad you can use the velcro idea. 🙂


  2. cozygirl

     /  February 19, 2013

    It’s so scary to think what is behind “artificial”….nasty stuff. Someone just made that maple flavored instant oatmeal …. Gheez that puts me through the roof. If they only knew….the smell can set off two floors of offices. Saw one person kept their sheets and blankets in with the pillow for storage…not sure I’d like that. SO EXCITED about your fan task at heart….so proud of you gusto and drive to get the job done! Been thinking about you…behind again! Things continue to come together!


    • Unfortunately, increasing numbers of our fresh veggies are GMO and all have pesticide residues. I used to grow all my own until the camping bug hit. I still might try to grow a few this year with an automatic watering system to keep them alive while I’m away from home.

      I’m excited about the fan job, too, now that I have finally committed to it!

      Glad things are coming together for you. Some day all you will feel is relief that it’s done! 🙂


  3. Your industriousness is inspiring! I feel like a sloth next to what you.
    I am trying to be crafty today….will let you know later if I succeed!


    • Looking forward to hearing about your crafty endeavors!

      I really went overboard today. Went to Lowe’s and got supplies for a couple of other future projects. At least it keeps me out of trouble! 🙂


  4. I know… reading ingredients is a wonderful diet plan… ew
    What a great idea! for the pillows….


    • I read ingredients on foods I buy at the grocery store, but the fast food was a shock. 🙂

      The pillows sure do hold their shape better now!


  5. I have been making smoothies since right after Christmas and I use no sugar added frozen fruits and no fat plain yogart with a little Soy milk. I also buy bananas, apples and pears and cut them into chunks and freeze them in serving sized snack bags, add some protein powder. I love them. Have one for breakfast and one for lunch. Eat a healthy meal at night. If I still have a need for something sweet I will make one at night but do not add the protein.

    Like your throw pillows.


    • Jo, I would not have thought of cutting bananas, pears and apples in chunks and freezing them. What a great idea!


  6. Sunny

     /  February 20, 2013

    I hate that GMO foods are so prevalent now. Last summer i grew alot of my own food, then dehydrated it and brought with me. Still have quite a bit left as I have been so long at my brother’s here in Tucson, and eating with them alot and running with them alot too. i plan to have a garden again this year in PA.


    • Sunny, I used to love going out to the garden and harvesting what I would prepare for dinner that evening. When I was actively gardening, I canned and froze most of what I grew, but I dehydrated Roma tomatoes, bell peppers, green onions and cutting celery to use all winter long. I also loved dehydrating fruit for snacks.


  7. Ann

     /  February 23, 2013

    And fast foods (grocery stores, too) think nothing of adding pink slime to meat. (Or horsemeat, etc.) I just bought a meat grinder and will grind my own hamburger and pork (for sausage) so I’ll know exactly what is in it. The food industry cares nothing for your health – they use the cheapest ingredients that can be found.


  8. Michelle

     /  March 1, 2013

    Some of my favorites…… just make sure to soak the PITTED Dates in warm water for a few minutes before tossing it into your blender. We got in the habit of washing, chopping and freezing our fruit when it was at it’s peak. Grapes, Peaches, Bananas (peel them), Pineapples, avocado,apples and pears. Just use large enough bags so you can lay the fruit out flat. That way you can grab a few pieces at a time. enjoy!!!

    2 cup peaches – Frozen
    1  cup milk or coconut milk
    1 Date

    3 Frozen Bananas
    3 short rows of Green and Blacks Mayan  Gold Chocolate 
    2 Handfuls of Pecan Pieces

    1 Frozen Pear (we used Asian Pear)
    2 cups Club Soda
    1 Date
    1/4 Lemon


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