We’re Home & a Little More Damage

We’re home.  We’d rather be tooling around Florida, but it feels good to sprawl out in our comfy chairs.

I discovered several stress cracks in the gelcoat on the front of the Casita.  We must have been in a mild state of shock to not have noticed them before.   I thought they were just dirt streaks when I saw them right after the accident.

We are still counting our blessings that the damage wasn’t worse and that we are all safe and sound.

There will be plenty of excitement around our house in the morning because that’s when we pick up Sheba from boarding at the vet’s office. Poor Sunny will get mercilessly herded — usually away from us when we call him because Sheba is jealous of him!  🙂

So it’s back to mundane home life for a while.

I’ll probably be taking my camera out to document the emerging wild edible plants.  It will be fun to be outdoors.

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  1. Glad you’re home safe and sound! sprawling in recliners is good stuff 😉 especially after your harrowing ordeal!


    • Carolyn, for some reason your posts keep ending up in my spam filter. I’ve gone back and checked the last 3 NOT SPAM so maybe that will fix it.


  2. jerryc

     /  February 3, 2013

    So sorry to read of your accident. Hope everything works out well.


  3. Sally Browning

     /  February 4, 2013

    So glad you are home safe and sound ….. It is scary to think about you trying to jump in and stop the truck when it is like a run-a-way horse !!!! The thought of the whole situation leaves me grateful that you are all in one piece and at peace !!! Time for some R&R …..


  4. Glad you made it home safe and sound. Can’t wait to see some pictures of the country around your home.


  5. Oh Tiny I’m so relieved to hear you’re OK after what could have hurt you terribly!! The truck and Casita can be repaired/replaced but you my dear friend are irreplaceable!!
    We’ll hang out together in the mundane ‘normal’ life together for awhile!! It’ll be fun!!
    With Much Love


    • Well, you survived freezing in Snowball, so we are both survivors, aren’t we? 😀

      I am really looking forward to following your new adventures and wishing you the very, very best!


  6. strivingfortiny

     /  February 4, 2013

    Your camper is the shiz 😀
    I’m sorry it has a little injury. Looks like it too needs a ‘tiny’ bit or R&R ❤


  7. I’ll be joining you on the mundane trail but excited we are into February. Saw some daffodils popping up when we hit 60’s last week., now it is a high of 17 and they dug back under :O) Think they got a tip from the Groundhog…”not quite yet!”


    • I hope all those beautiful pink peach blossoms in South Georgia made it through the freeze. I think it just got down to 32, so maybe they did!

      I hope the groundhog was right when he promised us an early spring! 🙂


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