More on the Funeral & Camping

Julia’s funeral will be Thursday at 2:00 p.m.

We discovered that she had no insurance.  Her children are just barely making do.  The little country church they go to raised $3,000 to help pay for the funeral, but there is still a big chunk they don’t have.

So we are chipping in what, to us, is a significant amount.

That means our plans for camping in Florida in February are off.

We plan to board Sheba at the vet’s while we are in South Georgia for the funeral.  It would be impossible to handle her around a crowd like that and still have the emotional capital left to be some sort of comfort to the family.  We’ll park the Casita in a family member’s yard while we are there, then head back to pick up Sheba before the boarding fees get too high.

Maybe we can get out camping for a week or so at one of the COE parks in South Georgia sometime in February.

Life is funny.  But the curves we are thrown are a normal part of living.  We just have to adjust our course now and then. 🙂


  1. I know it’s hard for you to cancel your trip. But you are doing a wonderful thing.


    • They are some of the most precious people on earth… so loving and unselfish. There are always other trips, another time!


  2. Oh pooh….guess in times like this, we open out hearts, help however we can, and remember how lucky we are. Good things come back to good people…there is something special on your horizon sweetie pie!


    • Yeah… pooh! We were drooling over the chance to loll in Florida sunshine!

      But we are so blessed to be in a position to help! I can’t think of a thing we need right now that we don’t have!


  3. EmilyO

     /  January 29, 2013

    I agree with Kim; and, you will be rewarded. Bless you guys. Camping/living in our little eggs shows us how flexible we can be when called upon.


    • Yes, it does take flexibility to be happy in an egg. And I am seriously considering doing some driveway camping to get my Casita fix! 😀


  4. I am concerned about your weather for traveling and for Thursday.
    I now see that there are some severe weather warnings for the South. Please be careful out there! Even we here in the North are going to be affected by some winds, which will drop temperatures again. We were enjoying warm temps for a few days.

    Your note about Gina was very touching. She touched many lives indeed.


    • Kathy, I checked and for our area it is supposed to be 15-25 mph winds with gusts up to 40. We are also supposed to have 100% chance of rain with thunderstorms. The Casita tracks solid and isn’t easily blown around, but if it gets too bad, we will just get off the road somewhere.

      I am glad you got a few days of warm weather. It sure makes a difference in how you feel, doesn’t it?

      I don’t know if you noticed, but at the end of my links on the right I have a tiny tribute to Gina. I really do miss her. Isn’t it wonderful when a life brightens so many other lives? I’m so glad I knew her, even though I never met her in person.


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