Camping Plans for February

A frigid February predicted for the South

A frigid February predicted for the South

We just took it for granted that we could head South to Florida in mid-late February, escape the rest of winter, and bask in 70 and 80 degree days.  But it looks like the Jet Stream may have a surprise in store for us.

Here’s an excerpt from another article:

The Big Chill: unusual stratospheric phenomenon is bringing frigid cold to U.S

An unusual event playing out high in the atmosphere above the Arctic Circle is setting the stage for what could be weeks upon weeks of frigid cold across wide swaths of the U.S., having already helped to bring cold and snowy weather to parts of Europe. Forecast high temperatures on Monday, Jan. 21, from the GFS computer model. This phenomenon, known as a “sudden stratospheric warming event,” started on Jan. 6, but is something that is just beginning to have an effect on weather patterns across North America and Europe. While the physics behind sudden stratospheric warming events are complicated, their implications are not: such events are often harbingers of colder weather in North America and Eurasia. The ongoing event favors colder and possibly stormier weather for as long as four to eight weeks after the event, meaning that after a mild start to the winter, the rest of this month and February could bring the coldest weather of the winter season to parts of the U.S., along with a heightened chance of snow.

We will be watching the weather closely.  But if Florida and the Southeast do get hit by serious cold conditions, we’ll have to wait until March to go anywhere.  March is supposed to be, once again, warmer than usual.

The best-laid schemes o mice an ‘men
Gang aft agley, [often go awry]
An’lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
For promis’d joy!

On edit — if I wasn’t saving for a new roof for the house, we’d just make a break for the warm Southwest!


  1. Wow! I’m glad to hear March will be warmer than usual. Last spring break, we started off rainy and in the 30s! We ended the week sunny and in the 80s! Look at that map! You could come to Texas! 🙂


    • It crossed my mind that we might could go to Texas. But we were counting on $10 camping nights with our senior pass. Texas state park fees would do our budget in!

      I know there are some nice COE parks in east Texas, but it looks like they may be too far east to miss the cold.

      If I weren’t saving for a new roof, we’d say to heck with it and head to the southwest! I think I’ll edit my post and add that.

      Maybe next winter! 🙂


      • I know what you mean, camping here gets pricey! We have a trip in March that will really spread us a little thin for the month, but I’m hoping it will work out. If you ever decide to visit, let me know! I really wanted to make the trip to California this summer, but I think with home repairs this year, we are going to have to wait another year. I love reading your posts! Thank you for sharing your journey!


  2. cozygirl

     /  January 23, 2013

    We can do the SW together next winter :O) Liking that bright orange area but the pits for FL and February travel. Roofs aren’t cheap…I’ll cross my fingers the forecast changes :O)


    • Wouldn’t that be fun to do the southwest together next winter!

      I really HATE to “waste” my travel money on the roof! And I am laughing at my perspective on what is really important! 😀

      I REALLY want to go to Florida. I was so hoping to meet up with Lynne before she has to head back home. With the new Coleman Black Kat catalytic heater and the solar panel, we figured we were set to boondock in the national forest campgrounds down there. And that’s affordable!


  3. Yikes! Thanks for the info. I might have to delay my arrival back to Alabama for March.


    • It would be terrible to leave the warm southwest and head back into a deep freeze! But I’m hoping that the actual temperatures won’t get as bad as they say.


  4. lynne

     /  January 23, 2013

    Not seen the news nor a long range forecast in weeks so this is surprising! We may need to stay in south FL once we get there.
    Spent the day looking for cheap camping in the Withlacoochee State Forest! Ran across a Casita, 2013, that had just arrived from the factory.
    Primitive camping…..nothing but a space….$10.00 a night.


    • Lynne, I’ve been looking at the ten day forecast and I don’t see any indication of that kind of cold down there. I think we’re going to plan on going to Florida in very early February.

      WOW! I bet that shiny new Casita was beautiful. So glad they are out using it!

      Have you checked the COE parks farther south? They are small, but look like pretty RV parks from the pictures. I’ll try to find them and email you the link.


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