Ordered New Camp Chairs

The new camp chair from REI

The new camp chair from REI

We are hoping with all of our hearts to get to Florida in time to see Lynne and David before they have to head back home the end of February.

We have bought an assortment of camp chairs over the years.  My favorite were the zero gravity knockoffs–but they are SO heavy that we hated hauling them around.  The last chairs we had were okay, but they were cheap and are falling apart after a few months.

So today I found some chairs at REI that are supposed to be very comfortable, have good back support, not pinch your legs, and are durable and rust resistant.  They were originally $69.50 each, but were reduced to $33.93 each — with free shipping!  So I ordered two.

I’ve decided to wait to get the furnace repaired and just use a portable catalytic heater if needed while we are boondocking in the Ocala National Forest.

The reason is, if I get it fixed now, I can’t afford to go anywhere until March or April.  At my age, I live to camp, and with COPD, I’m not sure how much more camping time I have left.

I’ll budget the furnace repair for late spring…. or maybe late summer before next fall.  Unless I run into someone who knows how to work on them.  🙂


[on edit — a reader is willing to talk me through fixing the furnace myself!  See comments on previous post!  WOW!!!!!!!!!!]


  1. lynne

     /  January 20, 2013

    Love it when you start posting alot! Makes me know that you are kicking to get out again!

    We started out last winter running the catalytic heater all night but quickly learned that we did not miss it when it went out in the middle of the night. So saved a lot of money by just turning it off at bedtime.
    Hope to see you soon!


    • It feels so good to have hope of being able to get out again soon!

      I hate sleeping hot worse than anything. So unless it was really cold, I’d prefer the heater to be off at night anyway!

      Sheba loves to lay out in the yard in the ice and snow for hours, so I don’t think a cold floor would bother her!


  2. Chairs look great…like the vented fabric. Be anxious to hear how they are…sticking with what we have but would love a rocker. Nice offer on the step by step setup…let’s just hope those temps are on the rebound and no chill to contend with. COPD…oh Sharon! Prayers you continue to be strong and lots of days traveling in your Casita :O)


    • Ah… a rocker! Yes! 🙂

      I have thought it through and decided I do want to go with the Wave 3 instead of repairing the existing furnace. But I am still just astounded by John’s offer!

      Thanks for the prayers! 🙂


  3. I wasn’t aware of your wanting to limit you disease! glad you’re paying it no mind to do so… hiss on it…

    The chair looks very comfortable…. it’s a rare find to find a chair that is relaxing and that will also accommodate a rebellious back…


  4. Looks like a nice comfy chair. I’ve not heard much about the Wave 3. But my furnace works for me pretty well. What I really need is a larger propane tank, so thinking about getting an extra to carry with but the connection to be installed would be a couple hundred $$!


    • It seems it’s always a couple hundred $$$ here and a couple hundred there with an RV! But it is worth it, considering the joy and freedom they bring us, isn’t it? 🙂

      I have a LONG list of things I want for the Casita… but the ones that aren’t urgent are on a wish list!


  5. Feel the comfort of home. It is a sharp looking chair.


    • Lily, it is the most comfortable camp chair that we’ve found, except for the very heavy recliner type. It feels even better when we have something to prop our feet up on–like a cooler. 🙂


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