High Falls State Park

The Casita at High Falls State Park in the Lake Campground

The Casita at High Falls State Park in the Lake Campground

Wednesday, December 19

We are at another of our very favorite stopping over points between Florida and home tonight.  We booked two nights to postpone going home as long as possible!

Ditch by entrance to campsite

Ditch by entrance to campsite

High Falls has two campgrounds — the larger, more modern River Campground, and the smaller, older Lake Campground.  The Lake Campground can only accommodate small rigs.  But it is so much more beautiful!

Backing into a site here is a real challenge.  The sites are laid out perpendicular to the road, so you have to back in at a 45 degree angle.  And there are DEEP ditches on each side of the driveway — AND also across the street where the truck has to swing off the road to navigate the trailer’s sharp turn.  I must have gotten out of the truck a dozen times to make sure I didn’t plunge into the abyss!

Ditch across street in our truck's turning radius

Ditch across street in our truck’s turning radius

Later Ron drove the truck to the store and he had a hard time just getting the truck backed in.  So I felt quite a sense of accomplishment at getting in here with the trailer.

We are alone in the campground except for the camp hosts who are out of sight behind a hill.  We have a view of the lake through the trees and are surrounded by woods.  This is the first time we’ve felt like we were really camping since we left home a month ago.

The sunset tonight

The sunset tonight

We got here too late to visit the falls this afternoon.  By the time we got set up, Ron went to the store and I fixed dinner, it was dark.

The night is cool, but not cold, and it’s lit by a very bright half moon.  It’s special here!

We are finally at peace with the decision to find a new home for Sheba.  Ron is taking pain meds for his sore shoulder.  And today Sheba scared me by barreling up a hill with me hanging onto the leash for dear life.  And this evening she whimpered so pathetically at being tied up — yet again.  Our little girl deserves better.

Sunset reflecting off Casita

Sunset reflecting off Casita

The world is changing.  Since we are camped at a semi remote site, I’m a little concerned about telling the world, “We’re old and we are camped all alone RIGHT HERE.”  So I’m doing this post tonight, but will save it as a draft and publish it after we leave.

Sheba -- tied up again :(

Sheba — tied up again 😦

Thursday, December 20

This WordPress template won’t let me put today’s entry beneath yesterday’s photos, so that’s why it’s here.

Today was rainy.  We only went outside to walk the dogs and take the trash to the dumpster, except for driving the truck closer to the falls so I could get a photo for the blog.  It was raining too hard to walk that far.

The water is unbelievably low now.  The first time we came, there was rushing water and white water rapids beneath the falls and way downstream.

Then, the last few times we were here, the water was very low, but nothing like it is now.

High Falls on a dreary, rainy day.  Only in Georgia would these be called high!

High Falls on a dreary, rainy day. Only in Georgia would these be called high!

Now all you see is black rock with a few little streams of water in the crevices between the rocks.  The scarcity of water combined with the wet, gray day made the falls a dreary sight.

Amazingly, due to the way I have the Casita arranged with separate twin bed areas, Ron and I and the dogs were all inside all day and didn’t feel cramped.   We read and surfed, and the dogs were content to just lie around on the floor.

The only thing bad about not being able to get outside was that I felt antsy at not being able to move around more.

Black rock at the base of the falls

Black rock at the base of the falls

Finally, right at sunset, the sky started clearing.  But then the wind and colder weather started moving in.  At least I was able to cook dinner outside.

We’ll head for home tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to a hot bubble bath!  🙂

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  1. Again, a fascinating post! It amazes me that you can drive a ‘towing’ vehicle. I can’t even back our van down the straight, long asphalt driveway leading to our property! And forget parallel parking between two other cars! I need lots of space! My cousin has one of those big RVs and tows the car! To me, that’s just crazy!

    It’s interesting that you’re getting ‘colder’ weather right now. However, we were in Florida in December and March (two different years) and were shocked that it was so ‘cool’ there. It’s probably a welcome break for the year-round residents!

    I think you have the best of both worlds, being able to return to a house for awhile and having room to stretch out a bit. Yet you can pick up and go whenever you want! Sounds great to me! That was wise of you to not advertise your location. Definitely a concern today. But I admire your ‘pioneering’ spirit and getting ‘out there’. I admit to being a bit envious, as I love to travel. However, for various reasons, we’re staying close to home – just taking day trips now and then. DH just turned 70 and I’m 68, and we don’t have the ‘zip’ we used to have!

    So glad you’re at peace with the decision about Sheba! She’s such a big girl now! I know you’ll find her a great home!


    • Hi, Kathy,

      It took me a LONG time to learn to back up a small trailer, and I still usually have to do a bit of back and forth jockeying. Once in a long while, everything works just right and I can back it in on the first attempt.

      As for the Florida natives appreciating the cold–they were miserable. They just aren’t used to it, so it seems a lot colder to them. I think maybe some of the people who moved down there and still miss the seasons might have enjoyed the change.

      I sometimes think we would love to fulltime, but it does always feel SO good to get back home again. I really appreciate our property a lot more when I get away from it for a while.

      My DH is 69 and I’m just a few years behind him. Fortunately his general health is good and he likes to drive. I, on the other hand, don’t do well driving long distances.

      Sheba laid her head on my lap the whole way home… the way she always travels. I kept thinking about how we could make this work, but I really know that we can’t. 🙂


  2. Linnith

     /  December 21, 2012

    Where is this campground?

    Linnith Arnold ~Sent from my iPad


  3. Looks like another beautiful place. I need to entice you into making me a list of all those great places you visit for our next journey East. We’re wanting to visit the coastal areas of Georgia and South Carolina and it appears many of your favorite places would make for great stops along the way.
    I love those campgrounds with small sites, but some can be a real bugger to get into, as your post mentions. It is a really bad feeling when, as you’re watching the trailer in the mirror, you fell that front tire drop off in the ditch, or worse, bump a tree. Thankfully, I’ve only experienced the ditch.
    Wishing you the best with Sheba. You have given her a great start on life and she will make someone a great pet.


    • Thanks, Jerry. I’d be happy to make you a list. Will work on it soon!

      I really appreciate the good wishes for Sheba! 🙂


  4. Good decisions are not always easy. And it is quite evident that you are looking for what is best for Sheba.

    I’m one of those that doesn’t always show where I am when I’m out either. My Facebook account shows I live in a nearby large city. I use Foursquare so my brother always knows where I am but I don’t have it post directly to FB when I travel. It pays to be careful and is also about the only time I’m glad my name is a common one!

    I enjoy your stories. Take care!


    • Appreciate the reassurance about Sheba. She is happy being home and it’s easy to want to put off finding her another place. But I think it’s best that I do it before she gets any older.

      I was thinking yesterday that it sure would be nice if my last name was Smith! 🙂

      So glad you enjoy the blog!


  5. Elizabeth in NC

     /  December 21, 2012

    I think you are most wise to not give out information to where you are camped currently. Unfortunately, we do not live in a very nice world sometimes!! Hope you find Sheba a good home.


    • Elizabeth, I never worried too much about giving out our location, but just felt the need for caution the last time. Better safe than sorry, I guess.

      Thanks for the good wishes for Sheba. 🙂


  6. Looks like a great place. Sorry you didn’t feel safe.


    • Jo, it wasn’t that I didn’t feel safe. I did! I just decided it would be wise not to tempt fate by giving out TMI. 🙂


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