The Weekend Campers are Here

The weekend campers are here.  Nothing like truck headlights for ambient lighting! :D

The weekend campers are here. Nothing like truck headlights for ambient lighting! 😀

I’ve just come in from outside.  It was overcast and grey all day, but late this afternoon the sun came out.

Now it’s a clear crisp night.  Ron and I gazed upward through palm tree crests silhouetted against thousands of brilliant stars in an awe-inspiring light display.  The stars are so much brighter here than at home!

We drove to Mom’s today to pick up some mail we had been waiting for.  Ann and Cecil joined us, and Hope brought over chicken and rice.  We had all been a bit down because of the weather.  But being together banished the blues and brightened all of our moods.

Sheba somehow got into the horse pasture next door to Mom’s and couldn’t find her way back.  Hope showed us a spot in the fence where there were only 4 barbed wire strands.  We raised one of the strands, and rescued a very relieved dog!  She got to race around Mom’s yard to her heart’s content, so she should sleep well tonight!

Shortly after I took the above photo of the site across the road from us, those campers decided they didn’t like that spot, so they have moved.  YAY!  🙂


On edit – Ron learned that someone complained about noise, so the new camper neighbors were asked to move.


  1. Sheba! Why does she want to complicate things? LOL!

    What obnoxious people. (I’ll never understand it). Glad they moved on to irritate someone else.


    • Sheba is so funny and so sweet. She drives me absolutely crazy sometimes — no – often! But she is so sweet and loving that I never remember I am mad at her for long!

      Ron spoke to those campers when he took Sheba for her final walk this evening. They honestly couldn’t understand why someone would complain. They told him, “We are used to noisy campgrounds.”

      Ron explained to one of the girls that most of the campers here were around his age. “Oh!” she replied… light dawning. I guess it is unusual for them to be around so many older campers. Hope they find a place to camp with lots of younger people next time. 🙂


  2. You sure got lucky with those kids moving on.


    • Did we ever. It is so quiet here it’s unbelievable. The other day a woman told me that she and her husband couldn’t sleep because it was too quiet!


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