The Fishing (non) Adventure

The fish pond

WordPress has changed its photo editor.  I can’t use full size photos in my post tonight.  Phooey!

Today I went out to try to catch some of the bass in Ann and Cecil’s pond.  I had Cecil tie on a new lure for me.  After a couple of casts I got a bite.  I reeled a small bass in almost to shore before he broke free, swimming away with the lure in his mouth.

Sunset this evening

I tied on the second lure, and my next catch was a BIG bass.  Ann said she thought he would run about 3 pounds.  I am no good at gauging weight, but he was one to be proud of.  I got him to shore and over my bucket when he broke free, flopped on the bank and made it back to the water — with my second lure still in his mouth.

Cecil tied on my last lure, and this time I actually landed a fish, but he was a small one.  I kept him in my bucket while I fished for a while longer.  But by then the fish were spooked and would have nothing to do with my line.

My baby sister gave pink flamingos to Ann as a joke when they first dug the pond. This is all that remains. 😀

I might could have caught more if I had switched to live bait, but by then I was out of the mood.  So I made the little bass I had caught very happy by releasing him back into the pond.

I feel awful about the two fish who still have my first two lures.  Wish I had known better how to tie them on.  And wish there was some way to rescue the fish.

Instead of making chicken soup tonight as planned, I made chicken and dumplings.  After I ate them, I realized I should have stuck to chicken soup!

Tomorrow we’re invited to Mom’s for a seafood dinner.  Then Saturday we plan to go to Christmas on the Square.

And Sunday we plan to head out for some real camping.

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  1. Camilla

     /  November 29, 2012

    Pretty little pond! My sister planted two flamingos at my pond a few years ago and they still look pretty good!


  2. cozygirl

     /  November 30, 2012

    I clicked on a photo and they came through big and bright!
    DUMPLINGS….yummo – on mashed potatoes :O)? Seafood makes my mouth water.
    Excited for Christmas doings to begin…enjoy the Christmas on the Square!


    • The sky was such a gorgeous shade of blue and it made the little fish pond look like tropical waters. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

      The dinner was great… and, as usual, I ate way too much!

      We went into town today and the traffic from everyone setting up for Christmas on the Square was horrible. Hope we can find a parking spot tomorrow!


  3. Worrying about the fish is my biggest obstacle. Not sure if I will ever make a fisher person!

    Sounds like fun: looking forward to hearing about the “real” camping.


    • I also hate scaling fish. I make sure they are dead before I do that. Otherwise the pain would be excruciating. So sad that we have to kill to eat. But I’ve tried the vegan route, and it just doesn’t work for me!

      I am so anxious for real camping!!!


  4. At least you can still post pictures and they are great love the sunset. Can’t wait to see the Christmas pictures. Have a great day there.


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