These are the times…..

In junior high school we had to do a lot of memorization.  One of the things I remember is Thomas Paine’s speech, “These are the times that try men’s souls…..”

Today was one of those times.  It rained last evening and today was cold and gloomy.  The temperature wasn’t that bad, but there is something about the cold in Florida that is bone-chilling even though the actual temperature isn’t that low.

I spent most of the day in Ann’s house visiting with her.  Ron spent his day in the trailer surfing and doing crosswords.  His mood plummeted.

Anyway, he is feeling better this evening.  And it’s supposed to be sunny and back into the 70’s for several days.

We have eaten non-stop since we’ve been visiting relatives.  Rich, wonderful food.  In humongous quantities.  For instance, today at lunch Ann fed us homemade barbeque made from a crockpot pork roast with her own superb barbeque sauce recipe.  Then this evening Hope invited us for a spaghetti dinner.  I WISH that I could eat just a little, but when something is that good, I always go back for seconds and eat way too much.  I have put on several pounds this trip and am truly miserable.

So I told Ann not to cook for us tomorrow!  I boiled a chicken the other day and froze the meat and broth, so I will make a light chicken soup for us tomorrow.

Live Oak’s annual Christmas on the Square is this Saturday, so we are planning to go see the sights.

And Cecil and Ann want me to catch some of the bass in their pond.  So maybe I’ll get around to that tomorrow.


  1. Eating seems to hit us around the holidays and it is such a struggle to be good. But we can do it I feel it. 🙂


  2. cozygirl

     /  November 29, 2012

    Like bears going in hibernation…something about the winter months and holidays that I can’t say no! Good goal on just chix soup today…one bowl only :O) Bet you can burn some calories snapping up some bass today…enjoy those warm temps – JEALOUS!


    • One bowl will be great. You know how it actually feels good to be a little hungry and hear your tummy rumble? Hope I feel that again soon!

      It’s pretty chilly this morning, but should feel great in a couple of hours.


  3. Rainy days make David’s mood plummet too… ESPECIALLY in such a small space! I enjoy the coziness of the trailer, but he starts feeling claustrophobic. And I do the same thing… when something tastes so good, I want more… and more! Tis’ the season! I need to get out and do more walking!


    • Teri, I treasure the coziness of our trailer, too. But when it gets on Ron’s nerves, it brings me down, too. I’m hoping he finds lots to entertain himself outside with today.

      I need to get out and tromp through the woods with my camera today, too. That always cheers me up!


  4. There is something about gloomy weather and dreary skies that really affects one’s outlook. I had the same experience in FL. And everyone I spoke with, it seems, was bummed out by those chilly gray days we had. I mean it was THE topic of conversation. I don’t think I’ve ever been so thrilled to see the sun.

    I couldn’t live on the Pacific Northwest coast, could you?


    • The sunshine is back and the day is magical again. And no, no way could I survive in the Pacific Northwest! Or Alaska where it is dark all winter.


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