A Walk in the Woods

Ron and I meandered through the woods looking for mushrooms again this afternoon.

The woods are still wet after the rain.  But still, no oyster mushrooms, no crown tip coral and no hen of the woods, even though they have all thrived here before.

Maybe one good rain wasn’t enough to convince the mushrooms’ mycelia that the drought is really over.  🙂

I did find a couple of small white mushrooms — one deadly amanita and one I didn’t bother trying to identify.

Nevertheless, it felt so good to tromp through the woods on a crisp, windy fall day.  I felt so happy and alive when we got back home!

Deadly amanita



  1. You know so much about mushrooms! Maybe I can learn how to identify the deadly ones. That amanita looked like it had a little skirt on.
    We also walked today but in the middle of town on the riverwalk. Not the woods, but still beautiful.


    • I am always surprised by how much better I feel when I get out in the fresh air and walk. I think it’s a universal tonic–especially when you walk someplace beautiful. Glad you enjoyed it.

      Yes, the amanitas have a little skirt AND a fat ball at the end.


  2. cozygirl

     /  October 7, 2012

    Such a pretty white mushroom to be so deadly…hope the sweet good ones pop out soon!


    • cozygirl, they will probably pop up after we leave on our camping trip Thursday!

      It IS a beautiful mushroom. It resembles an edible mushroom in Asia, and many of the poisonings are from immigrants thinking they are the same mushroom that they safely eat back home. Sad.


  3. I love walking in the fall. Of course that is up here in the mountains. The chilly clean air is wonderful. Happy you felt the wonder of it all and made you feel so good.


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