Time Between Camping Trips :)

We’re planning to attend a Casita Rally in Cherokee in October, followed by another week’s camping at Lake Allatoona.

In the meantime, I’m running out of things to do for fun. Normally, I would be entertaining myself hunting fall mushrooms, packing them in the dehydrator, and hoarding up a supply to last me through winter. But our exceptional drought has made that impossible.

So… on my mushroom board, there’s a poetry corner where people write mushroom related verses. I hadn’t written any verse in decades, but it’s been really fun putting my frustration with the drought in rhyme.

So, to prove how bored I’ve been lately, I offer the following!

I long for the patter of rain,
But fluffy white clouds do not deign
to give up a drop,
not even a plop,
This drought is a mushroomer’s bane.

Gray thunderclouds sailed by today
Then carelessly floated away
But still I can smile
at least, for a while,
They say it may rain for four days!

Gray banks of clouds obscured the sky
and dimmed the sun, but that is all.
It seems this dusty, arid, dry
event will last throughout the fall.

So I’ll just hold the dream in mind
of soft, warm rains and fairy rings,
And when they come, I’m sure I’ll find
much sweeter, yet, the shrooms of spring.

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  1. Emily

     /  September 29, 2012

    Wow, that is so good, very vivid. I am not a mushroom person but do like this. What talent.


  2. Very good, I like it it’s fun.


  3. I don’t know the difference between the good and bad ones but I know our yard raises a good crop after every rain. What a great way to get joy from disappointment.


    • Jerry, I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed dusting off the rusty brain cells and playing with rhyming words. It really did a lot to cure the disappointment.


  4. One day I’ll be at a ralley and get to meet you…here is my mushroom love!
    “I am… a mushroom; On whom the dew of heaven drops now and then.”


    • That was the first time I had heard that quote. I looked it up and all I could find out about it is that it is by John Ford. Thanks so much!

      I would love to meet you at a rally…. someone to talk mushrooms with would be such a treat! 🙂


  5. lynne

     /  September 30, 2012

    On a new mission……to find some mushrooms and send you the pictures! I remember seeing some huge white ones a few days ago!


  6. lynne

     /  September 30, 2012

    We have seen quite a few from a distance on our morning walks, mostly in grassy yards. We have 90℅ chance of rain 2morrow, so I will look closely our next time out.
    I have always steered away from mushrooms….nice to learn something new………..and you are a poet, did not know it!


    • If you take pictures, be sure to turn one upside down and take a good shot of the gills and stalk, too!

      Too funny about the poet. I am having a blast. Am composing another one tonight! 😀


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