I’ve Found Heaven

I think I know what heaven will be like.  If it’s like a bright, balmy, early autumn day, on the lake, with a brisk warm breeze, and the overwhelming sense that everything is as absolutely perfect as it can be, then heaven is like today.


And then, to make the day off-the-scale wonderful, when we took Sheba and Sunny for a walk this evening, we found a field of puffballs!  This was the first time I had found larger puffballs.  Up to today, the only ones I had found were small ones like the gem-studded puffball.

A very satisfactory harvest of puffballs!

We had some of them for dinner this evening and they were superb!

I truly can’t remember ever being happier in my life than I was today…. all day…. from the time I got up this morning.

What a priceless gift!

I’ll leave you with a few other snapshots I took around the campground.  Hope you feel the beauty!  🙂

Soft, velvety mullein


Okay, this one isn’t beautiful, but it’s cool. It’s an old reishi mushroom. 🙂


  1. I can see all the beauty thru your eyes and I can feel your happiness. It makes my heart happy!! XOXO


    • Madcap, I think that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my blog. It just makes this perfect day even “perfecter”. 🙂

      Thank you!


  2. Profoundly wonderful! Part of the beauty has to be that you appreciate what’s around you. How fortunate to have that capacity. So many people don’t …. therein lies the trouble,


    • Kim, nature is endlessly entertaining, intriguing and satisfying to those who are blessed to be able to see what’s there. I love to be around people who see and share the magic! 🙂


  3. Happy Autumn sunshine! May the graces of this Earth continue to share its bounty with you…and every day be as glorius as “finding heaven” at each turn :O)


  4. Cam

     /  September 23, 2012

    Move over!


  5. I understand appreciating the gifts of nature! So glad you had such a joyous day out there. Thank you for sharing!


    • You are another one who REALLY knows how to see and appreciate the wonders of nature. Your photos are so inspiring! 🙂


  6. Really great finds. I love the crazy looking mushroom. I’m happy you had such a wonderful experience on this camping trip.


    • Jo, they are crazy looking! What’s sad is that deer love them and I took their treat! 😀

      More have probably sprouted up already for the deer, though.


  7. These little slices of heaven; they make us rich without money.


    • Lynne, we got home Sunday, and the afterglow of that day still lingers and colors my outlook. And you are right… I feel so rich in everything that really matters!

      I have booked another week there after the Cherokee rally. It is not the prettiest place we have ever camped, but there is something about it that is special to me.


  8. I had no idea one could eat puffballs! I have passed by what looked like your puffballs many times thinking they were just puffballs. You have convinced me to research mushrooms a little more – not as extensive as you – but maybe enough to be able to enjoy more types of mushrooms that can be found in the wild. Thanks



    • I am thrilled that you are considering researching mushrooms. If you want the very best beginner’s introduction to edible mushrooms that will eliminate ANY chance of poisoning if you follow the rules, check out Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America by Bessette and Fischer.

      I have many mushroom books, but I have never seen a better one at introducing newbies to safe mushroom hunting. 🙂


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