A Little Rain After All

After yesterday’s whining about the rain passing us by, we finally got rain!  No hard rain, but a steady drizzle most of the night and today.   And it’s still drizzling on and off.

I think we’ll extend our stay here a couple of days and see if mushrooms start popping up Wednesday or so.

Since I can’t get out and take pictures today, I was going through others I’ve taken here and found some interesting and odd forest features to share.

A thick old vine embraces a young tree

Virginia Creeper on a tree

Dogwood berries

White flowers and an upside down ladybug

Old turkey tail fungi

Thick, fuzzy vines running up a pine







Greenbrier berries

Another vine covered tree trunk


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  1. Around here, thick fuzzy vine means poison ivy! I am very allergic!


    • Lynne, it probably was poison ivy. I was so intrigued by the fuzziness that I didn’t pay attention to the leaves. But there is a LOT of poison ivy around here!

      Very fortunately it doesn’t bother Ron or me, but I still give it a very healthy respect!


  2. I was actually going to say something about the thick fuzzy vines but Lynne beat me to it. I’ll add that if they have groups of 3 “leaves,” each on its own little stalk – definitely stay away. We just had to deal with a whole lot of poison ivy at my brothers’ house; fortunately nobody got exposed but we had to hire a professional to get rid of it. (I wrote about it on a Squidoo lens called “Poison Ivy in Pennsylvania”; if you would like to see more pictures, including just of the vines, feel free to visit.)


    • Thanks, Meg. I will check it out! We are at a new site this evening and the trees are loaded with poison ivy. Fortunately it’s not in the area we walk in.


  3. Ann

     /  September 18, 2012

    gorgeous photography, as usual!


  4. Sure happy the rain came, I love it when it drizzles and it has more benefit that a hard rain.
    Great pictures.


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