Delayed Gratification — Again

The wallop of unexpected medical bills in July is putting a crimp in our travel plans.

We always use cash when we travel… never charge our recreation.  And there’s the rub.

If we travel in August, it will mean watching pennies and not being able to do anything but buy gas and sit in a campground.

I used to enjoy just hanging around a campground.  But that was starting to get old.  Now we like to be able to browse through quaint historical towns, see the sights, shop a bit, and enjoy an occasional meal out.

I asked Ron if he’d prefer to go camping this month on a super tight budget, or if he’d rather we save a little money this month so we could really enjoy getting out in September.  He chose the September trip.

So that’s what we’ll do.  But sometimes being a responsible grownup stinks!  🙂

I’ll have the Casita and some other bills paid off in November, and that will make traveling this winter a lot more fun!


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  1. Sometimes we just have to do the right thing and then it will work out better for the next trip.


  2. Cam

     /  August 2, 2012

    Boondock! Go to!


    • Cam, that’s an awesome resource. We’ll probably use it a lot when we are traveling this winter. But for now we’d rather have a nice destination park to plop down in.

      Thanks for reminding me of that site, though. I had it bookmarked once, but had forgotten it.


  3. Good choice. The weather will be better and the crowds will be fewer anyway.


  4. Elizabeth in NC

     /  August 2, 2012

    Well, August is generally uncomfortable tempature-wise anyway and Sept usually quite nice….and then I suppose you can use this month to plan more too? We seem to keep having unexpected car repairs…so goes life eh?


    • Elizabeth, we had hoped to go to the mountains where it would be cooler. But September will be beautiful up there, too.

      Yes, it’s always something. We will probably appreciate the trip a lot more when it finally gets here! 🙂


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