Ron and I made a pact tonight.

In November, when we head for Florida to visit family, we are going to plan to keep traveling until spring.  We’ll come home when either we get tired of camping, or when the grass starts growing in spring and we have to be home to take care of it.

That should answer a lot of questions about whether we really would like to fulltime or not.

I think the answer will be that we really do want a sticks and bricks home.  If I knew I could travel in warm places all winter, I’d be much happier settling down in the summer, putting in a garden, and maybe doing some canning and preserving again.

Right now I see those activities as tying me down and keeping me from traveling.  But if we essentially decided to be snowbirds, then it would be a lot more satisfying staying home in summer when it’s too hot to enjoy traveling anyway.

There’s a lot I need to accomplish this year.  I will buckle down and get the trailer paid off — hopefully in September.  And I want to get a high-rise axle and 15″ load D tires on the Casita, maybe in early November.  And somewhere along the line I need a solar system so we can take advantage of cheap camping without hookups.

So, we have a dream, a goal, a semi-plan, and a lot of work to do to make this happen!



  1. Sounds like a great plan. We enjoy traveling for a couple of months or so, occasionally, but it is nice to have a home to come back to. Looking forward to departing in a couple of weeks for some time on the road. Was heading west to cooler temps, but it seems it is all burning up with record breaking temps at the present time.


    • As always, I’m looking forward to following your travels, Jerry. I love dreaming about fulltiming, but when I actually think it through, I don’t think it’s for us.

      It’s so sad about the fires. Hope you find a cool, safe place to enjoy.


  2. It sounds like a great plan. And being gone for a longer period of time will let you know if you want to go full time. But I’m with you I like having a home base.


  3. Love your plan! It makes a lot of sense. I too would always want a home base. (A low-maintenance one that doesn’t keep me from traveling). I’m so excited for you!


    • Kim, now that we’ve actually made the decision, it’s kind of scary. So much to get done! But I’m in awe of easy and obvious this option is!


  4. Lynne

     /  June 25, 2012

    It’s reassuring to see others going through what we have often debated. Every time we leave home for more than a weekend, we get to thinking that we don’t really need or want our house. But after a week or so back in the sticks and bricks, we decide again that we don’t want to leave it.
    My solution is to leave for 2 or 3 months during the summer and go to a cool place and leave again in the winter and go where it is warm. But here it is 95+ degrees and we are dragging our feet. Heading out to the Blue Ridge PKWY very soon though.
    We never felt this way until we got our first Casita.



    • Lynne, your idea of both a summer and winter getaway is probably also a more workable option for us. I’ve been dying to get up to the Blue Ridge, but something always came up, from problems with our old trailer to a death in the family.

      This year I’m on a very strict budget to get the Casita paid off and the high axle and bigger tires put on, so we won’t make it there this year.

      Sure would be nice to get two months in the mountains next summer!

      I suppose if I really want to do canning and preserving, I could buy the produce from the Farmer’s Market instead of growing it myself.


  5. Marcia

     /  June 26, 2012

    I’m in agreement with all of you who love to travel but also want a sticks and bricks home base. Our home is on a lake so we certainly want to be there for the summer months but really want to travel the rest of the time. And my hubby and I both still work part-time. We are gradually lengthening our winter snowbirding; it will be 3 months this coming year. Other than that, we don’t get a lot of camping time. Maybe a week at the end of summer and another few days in the fall. Hoping that will change, too, in a year or so.


  6. I full timed for almost one year exactly in a 17 ft “Freedom” with two lab retrievers. A bit snug but we did it. It is nice to stretch out in a house again for awhile–headed to KS & CO next month for about six weeks.


    • That is one of the things I love after a longish trip in the Casita. Coming home and sprawling out in my house!

      Looking forward to following your travels. Hope Colorado cools down by then! 🙂


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