Electric’s Fine, Grab Handle & Marine Sealant

Whatever the mystery problem I was having charging my MiFi at the campground was NOT a problem with the Casita.  Everything works fine with the trailer plugged into the greenhouse.  I am so relieved!

Grab handle by door repaired

I did have a mystery repair to make, though.  When we were at Flint River, I think we suffered some petty vandalism.   I can’t fathom why anyone would do it, but the grab bar by the door was pulled out about 3/8″ from the fiberglass at the top and about 1/2″ at the bottom.  It looked like someone yanked it just to see if it would come off.

In any case, the bolts were stripped out of the wood holding it.

So today I removed the bar, cleaned all the silicone off, and packed the holes with toothpicks dipped in waterproof glue to provide a new wood base for screws to bite into.  Then, to keep the gel coat from getting scarred, I covered the area around the holes with masking tape, sawed off the toothpicks that projected out of the hole, and filed them smooth.

I also sanded and repainted the grab bar with Krylon plastic paint because it was looking a little dingy.  Then I drilled a small hole in the toothpick wood filler for guide holes.

Next I coated the holes with marine sealant, then screwed the grab bar back on.

Looks as good as new!

Tomorrow I need to replace the caulking between the kitchen sink and refrigerator cabinets.  There are some small cracks in it.  I’m debating on whether to use marine sealant for that, too, as the area gets a lot of water from sink splashes.  Or maybe I should just stick to regular caulking.

If anyone has any comments about whether the marine sealant would be okay, I’d appreciate hearing them.  🙂


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  1. You are such a talented Lady. And always so busy. 🙂 Keep that Casita like new


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