Flint Creek Water Park

Mississippi is a beautiful state.  I had never been to southern Mississippi before and was surprised to see the rolling hills extend so far south.  The drive down I-59 and US 49, after getting off on 45 at Meridian, was scenic most of the way.  I also love the slow cultural graciousness that I sense here.  It reminds me of what rural Florida was in the 50’s before the whole world moved there!  🙂

My connection is slow and sporadic here at Flint Creek Water Park.  I’ve tried to upload photos, but they will have to wait for another post.

This park is old.  The campground road was so dense with vegetation that it felt almost spooky.  And there is no way we would use the filthy rest rooms or washer and dryer.

But our little spot is a secluded haven and, in spite of there being a lot of other campers here, we have wonderful privacy.

Shortly after we arrived here, the rain slowed to a drizzle, so we could enjoy visiting under the awning and Gail and Mike’s canopy.  Then it cleared up enough at sunset for us to enjoy sunset hues reflecting on the water.  Hopefully tomorrow we can go swimming.

The main attraction of being here is being able to spend time with Mike and Gail.  We miss living close enough for easy visits!

Sheba, of course, was deliriously happy to be in water again.  She jumped, pronked, and twirled around and around in a splashing demonstration of sheer doggie ecstasy.  We were told that no alligators had been seen in the area.  So with the clear water and sand bottom… and all of us with our eyes peeled for any movement anywhere in the water around her, we let her play on her long, retractable leash.



  1. Cam

     /  June 11, 2012

    Now I’m going to have to go down to Mississippi… I love old Florida! You should rate the campground on line so they will clean it up.


  2. I hope someone cleans the place up soon. How sad or I guess they figured your camping so what.
    Enjoy it anyway. 🙂


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