Fireflies, Casita Project & More LC Pancakes

Rust treated and new paint under stovetop

Fireflies are out in force this evening!  I really wanted a picture, but not badly enough to stand outside in the light rain and wait for a good shot.  Maybe tomorrow night.

I ended up with an unexpected project in the Casita today.  There was a stain on one of the burners.  And I hadn’t taken the top off and cleaned underneath since we bought the trailer last November.  I decided I wanted everything really clean before our next trip.

The stove knob plate cleaned and painted

So I took the stove top off and got several surprises.  First of all, there was rust along the corner of the metal plate that holds the knobs.  Secondly, there was some serious rust in the underneath corners of the stovetop.  And finally, there was evidence of at least one serious boilover along with a lot of corrosion in the well underneath the stove.

The stove well cleaned and treated with Caig’s Deoxit before I decided to paint it.

So first, I cleaned and painted the bottom of the stovetop.  Then the knob plate.

Next, I cleaned and treated the stove well with Caig’s Deoxit.  But it looked bad, and I started thinking about having to clean under there when I have a boilover.  So I cleaned all the Deoxit off, sanded the worst areas, and sprayed the whole interior with Rust Reformer.

Stove well sanded and sprayed with Rust Reformer. I haven’t decided whether to paint it white or black tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’ll paint the well.  I’d like to paint it black, but am afraid some of the black would show when the white stovetop is mounted on the white fiberglass.  Maybe I’ll paint the well black and paint the edges white.  I’ll decide that when I get out there with the paint can tomorrow!  😀

After my success with the almond flour low carb pancakes yesterday, I decided to try a version with coconut flour since I have two pounds of it in the refrigerator.

Coconut flour pancakes. You have to keep them small to keep them from breaking apart.

The reviews on the low carb board said they were really good.  After making them, I think those reviewers must have been pretty desperate for pancakes!

The coconut flour absorbs so much liquid that you have to use a lot of eggs in the recipe to keep the pancakes from crumbling.  They turned out light and fluffy as advertised, but they have an eggy taste and feel that I don’t like.

If that was the only low carb pancake recipe around it would be okay.  But since the almond flour pancakes are superior in every way, that’s what I’ll stick with from now on.

Now what to do with two pounds of coconut flour… that I don’t like!


  1. Your stove will look brand new just like the rest of the Casita.
    Now for the flour I have no clue and had never even heard of it before.


  2. Kathy N.

     /  May 30, 2012

    Again, I’m amazed at your ability to solve problems! Do you have an easy solution for cleaning chrome stove rings (they are separate from the black enamel drip pans). My 40-year-old stove rings need some sprucing up, and my wrists are not up to scrubbing them (as I’ve done in the past). Do you know of some magic ‘paste’ that would do the trick?

    I’m intrigued with your low-carb diet! I have big restrictions on sat fat/cholesterol, so I’m afraid coconut flour is ‘out’ for me! (I checked the nuitrition label on the web!) Keeping sat fat to very low levels is enough of a challenge for me, but I also try not to go overboard on eating bread, and I stick to the whole wheat, 0% sat fat kind. My ‘quick’ French toast is simply to use slices of bread and dip those in an ‘egg beaters’ product. (and no butter in the pan.) I love fresh strawberries enhanced with a ‘small’ amount of hershey’s strawberry syrup! I also can whip up some skim milk into a frothy no-cal ‘whipped cream’, using an immersion blender stick!

    I enjoyed your last trip – except for the alligators! That was a beautiful photo of the blue heron! We have a few around here, but my camera isn’t up to that kind of close-up!


    • Kathy, many years ago I was a young Navy wife living in military housing. When we left the apartment, it had to pass a rigorous inspection. One of the tips I remember was how to clean those removable stove rings.

      Basically you filled the sink (or a large pan) with hot water and a strong ammonia solution and let them soak 24 hours. It’s amazing how much grease and crud will loosen. Then, if any scrubbing is still needed, a thick paste of baking soda and water makes a safe, very effective scrubbing medium. I also use baking soda to clean the bottoms of my pots and other difficult scrubbing jobs. And it’s safe enough to use on glass.

      I can’t remember is soaking the rings in ammonia that long takes some of the shine off them or not — it’s been so many years since I’ve done it.

      The low carb diet is strange in the scientific world. Actually you eat high fat and high cholesterol. But you eat moderate protein and cut the carbohydrates to almost nothing. Your body switches to burning fat instead of burning glucose.

      Initially there is a spike in cholesterol for the first couple of months, but after that cholesterol normalizes, usually by 6 months. Duke University, Mayo Clinic, the Israelis, and several others have done tests that prove that it lowers cholesterol, very counter-intuitively.

      Also my blood sugar and my blood pressure, which were high, are perfectly normal now.

      Check out the Mayo Clinic articles on it if you are interested.


  3. Kathy N.

     /  May 30, 2012

    Thanks so much for the quick reply (as usual!). I’ll give the soaking/scrubbing a try!

    I didn’t mention the reason I’m interested in preserving my 40-year-old stove instead of buying a new one: It’s an item of curiosity, even though it’s just an ‘ordinary’ electric stove with four burners! It goes back to the days of the 1970s’ colors of harvest gold, avocado and coppertone. Most people roll their eyes about those colors now – but mine was a color most people don’t know existed – ‘Poppy’ red – the color of a tomato, with some darker shading on the edges, made by Frigidaire.

    I almost feel I could charge admission to see it, and I’ve noticed that some folks on the internet are hunting for this particular vintage stove, refrigerator or washer and dryer in that color! (I did have the refrigerator, too, but it conked out about 10 years ago.) In these days of stainless steel appliances, the red color definitely is ‘different’; and although I am not fond of cooking, my stove cheers me up when I’m in the kitchen! I chose it in 1973 when we built the house, and I’ve never gotten tired of it! And it looks new – except for those chrome rings! (Although I’m not sure it would pass the Navy’s inspection! I don’t think I could have lived up to that! I’ll bet you passed with flying colors! )

    I’m very aware of the battle of low carbs v. low-fat, and I only wish I could take a chance and eat the high fat foods, which I loved. But since my heart attack at age 55 (I’m now 68), I’ve tried to follow the advice about avoiding high fat foods, and I did lose 40 pounds. But it also involved a lot of exercise. I have slacked off a bit on the exercise, and did gain a few pounds back, but I generally stay ‘on course’ in my diet. I do wish they could figure out the ‘truth’ about how our bodies work!

    Always nice ‘chatting’ with you!


    • Kathy, what a fun trip down memory lane! I lived in apartments with harvest gold, avocado and coppertone appliances! I don’t remember ever seeing the poppy red, but I bet I would have loved it!

      I think it’s funny how people express such disgust at those out-of-favor colors. They were beautiful in their time. And I still like them as long as the decor co-ordinates and complements them!

      As a disclaimer, I also liked the wild foil wallpaper we had in our condo way back when, too! 😀

      Wow!!! If I had a heart attack, I’d follow my doctors’ instructions to the letter, too! Congratulations on your recovery!

      I know low carb works for me, but I can’t help thinking that those wonderful whole grains and fruits have a lot of nutrients that I need, even though grains, and especially wheat, are demonized by the low carb gurus.

      I am so leery of new nutritional studies that come out. I think much of the research that is touted today is pretty shoddy. And so often what is “proven” today is proven wrong tomorrow.


  4. Elizabeth in NC

     /  May 31, 2012

    We use some coconut flour with our baking with alternative flours. Use it as not more than 1/4th of the recipe…it adds a bit of sweetness but not overpowering in that proportion. I am not sure what might be best with using wheat flour. Thanks for including the recipes. The almond flour one sounds great…we use that too.


  5. That’s a good suggestion — to just use a little coconut flour mixed with others. I tried using it for breading chicken tenders, but didn’t like the sweet taste by itself.

    Glad you are enjoying the recipes. I sometimes wonder if people who are reading a camper blog really want to hear about the recipes. Glad to know someone does! 🙂


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