Perfect Campsite, Water Dog & Crockpot Pizza Recipe

Sheba is a real water dog!

We have a gorgeous campsite here on Ann’s rural property.  Spacious, private… and with a fish pond for Sheba to play in!

Sheba checking out the pond

I get so tickled reading about RVSue’s dog Spike and his water antics.  Looks like I have a water dog of my own now!

It started out with Sheba playing in the large dog water container that my brother in law has outside underneath the hose.  She splashed, jumped and did her best to  get inside the pan.  So I thought, I wonder how she would do in the pond?  So I walked her down there and as soon as she saw the water, she went barrelling toward it.  She hesitated only a couple of seconds before diving in and taking off swimming.

She’s in!

We are loving our awning.  It makes our little Casita even more fun to use!  We cooked breakfast and grilled hamburgers for dinner under it.  I don’t know why we drug our feet so long about getting it cleaned up and ready to use.

We took it in this evening as thunderstorms are predicted tonight.

Perfect campsite!

In the dog pen

Always Number One

None too soon as it sounds like the bottom just fell out of the sky!

A couple of people asked for the low carb Crockpot Pizza  recipe that my sister fixed for us yesterday.  So here it is.  Click on the picture to go to the recipe site.  And it gets top reviews from me!  🙂

This is not my photo. It’s from the low carb recipe site. Click on the picture go go to the recipe page.


  1. Jojo

     /  May 10, 2012

    Don’t know why I can’t leave a comment on todays pizza post but oh well. thank you for the recipe and you have a great camp site


  2. S Foss

     /  May 10, 2012

    Oh Sheba is having the time of her life in the water. Part portugese water dog? Those get pretty big? She is so cute. Thank you for the pizza recipe. I have a lap band and can’t eat the crust so this will be ideal for me. What a nice campsite and how that Casita shines, almost blinded me! 🙂


    • Shelly, she’s part Australian Shepherd and part Lab. I guess it’s the Lab in her that makes her love the water. I was just calling her a water dog. The vet says she’ll probably top out at 40-60 pounds. What a difference from the little 6 pound runt she was when I got her.

      Hope you enjoy the pizza. Let me know!

      The campsite is awesome. Gets a nice breeze most of the time, too. And yeah, I’m proud of the shine! 🙂


  3. Are you in Florida now? If so, it worries me about Sheba being in water–you do know how gators are particularly drawn to dogs, and how they also find every body of water there is in Florida? Or perhaps that pond has a strong fence around it? Please be very, very careful with your dogs around any body of water in Florida!!! I have seen a gator actually pursuing a kayak that had a dog in it (along with a person) on the river where I paddle. And they will come out of the water to get them as well.

    On other topics, the pizza looks YUMMY! And I know what you mean about the awning–I didn’t think I would use mine, but I do. It also helps keep the sun off the camper, which helps keep it cool.


    • Peggy, they have had an alligator in their pond before, but there are none in it right now. I’m a Florida native, so am very leery of small animals around water. But I felt this one was safe — this time.

      I was surprised to hear that a gator would pursue a kayak with a dog in it, though!

      I did know they would come out of the water, and that they are FAST. I camped at Wekiva Springs back in the 80’s during alligator mating season. They are LOUD and that was scary!

      One time I camped at Myakka River and was horrified to see people letting their toddlers walk close to the basking gators. Fortunately there were no accidents, but there certainly could have been!


  4. I would really like to learn more about crockpot pizza


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