Drove Straight Through

Sheba and Sunny during our lunch break

We drove straight through today instead of camping overnight along the way as we usually do.

We took a lunch break at a roadside rest area.  And later we stopped at another rest area to walk the dogs.  I noticed that both rest areas had dump stations.

I think that our driving straight through was a mistake.  We arrived at my sister’s house right around dark and ended up setting up by flashlight.  I was tired, hungry and cranky.

Next time we’ll do our usual stopover, which makes the trip fun.

Lunch break

My sister, who is also low carb dieting,  had a FANTASTIC crock pot pizza waiting for us when we arrived.  I was so relieved not to have to cook this evening.

Sheba’s crate fits nicely on a cushion in the trailer, but it makes the space feel cramped.  I’ll be very glad when she is reliably housebroken so she can sleep in the space underneath my bed.

Oh!  We saw our first Casita on the road today.   We have seen them in campgrounds, but had never seen one on the road before.   It was headed south on I-75 toward Macon.  I was so excited to see it that I didn’t even notice the tow vehicle.

Ron walking Sheba and Sunny

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  1. Jojo

     /  May 9, 2012

    Its best to stop and enjoy than to drive straight on and not be a happy camper 🙂
    Enjoy your visit with family. Nice of your sister to have dinner ready.


    • We would probably have eaten some kind of yukky canned meat if she hadn’t had dinner ready for us. 🙂


  2. S Foss

     /  May 9, 2012

    Crock pot pizza, ask her for the recipe! Sounds yummy. And your baby is growing so fast! Enjoy your trip. Even “tired and cranky” is better in the Casita! 🙂


    • It was yummy. And rich and satisfying! She’s gone right now. I’ll ask her for the recipe when she gets back home.

      Yes, Sheba is getting huge! Still a darling, but more hard headed than ever about obeying commands. Especially “come!” 😦


  3. we’re doing the low-carb thing, too. it’s helping dennis’ bloodsugars quite a bit.
    how are you managing on it?
    i’d LOVE the crockpot pizza recipe!!!


    • Theresa, I can’t keep my calories low enough to lose much weight. It is inching off ever so slowly. But I really feel good eating low carb. And my blood pressure has dropped to normal on it. My brother in law eats low carb to manage his diabetes.

      Okay, I’ll post that recipe when I get it from Ann! 🙂


  4. Many times, you can stop for the night in a Wal-Mart parking lot (most will allow you to stay for free) when you just want to sleep.


    • Chuck we have overnighted at Walmart, and I really enjoyed it. We didn’t want to this trip because the weather is so hot and muggy and our Casita doesn’t have a roof fan. That’s an essential mod. I am waiting until we get to Texas next winter and want to have Larry Gamble install one for me — as well as the Window Max vent so I can leave a window open in the rain.

      I do have an Endless Breeze fan, but run into the same problem. I can’t leave a window cracked in the rain until I get the window vent. I am wondering if I propped open the stove vent with a clothespin if that would let in enough air for the Endless Breeze fan.


  5. I do that too – keep on drivin’ – and I ALWAYS regret it. Then I do it again.

    Glad you are on the road!


    • I hope I remember not to do it again! I am finally just starting to get back to feeling normal!


  6. Yay! Saw your comment on my blog. Glad something changed so you could post. When I first retired and we got the Casita, we would do the all day drives so we would get wherever we were going, early. It was always ” I’m feeling fine, let’s just keep going”. Finally realized it was better to arrive a day later, rested up; than early and worn out. Hope you have a fantastic trip……jc


    • Thanks, Jerry! It feels so good to be here, and we are finally recuperated from the trip.


  7. I agree, that roof fan is my most important fixture after the bed. Even in south Florida, I can usually turn off the A/C at night thru the end of May, anyhow, open all the windows and put the roof fan on and sleep pretty well.


  8. Croc pot pizza definitely sounds interesting.


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