Poliglow is Finished — and Dog Digging Foil

The trailer is so shiny that you can't really tell where the grass reflection ends and the trailer begins!

I got the PoliGlow right on the bottom of the trailer.  No bubbles, just tough. clear shine!  The reason it worked better on the bottom than on the top is that I did away with the applicator that came with the PoliGlow.  Instead I used a synthetic chamois.  It held the perfect amount of water and I  could maneuver it exactly where I wanted it.

What a difference in ease of use and quality of application.  I was so pleased that I may strip the the top next fall and redo it like I did the bottom!

No dig dog pen!

Sheba has become a digger extraordinaire when I put her outside in her playpen.  I had almost given up on my plan to take the playpen to help contain the dogs when we are camping.  It would be a pain to have to keep them on leash with us all the time.  But today I had a brainstorm.  I found some hardware cloth in the shed.  I put it down, then anchored the pen over it.  It works!

They were outside with me the whole time I was working on the trailer today, safely contained and able to enjoy the goings on!

That roll of hardware cloth will ride in the truck along with the pen whenever we go camping now.  What a lifesaver!


  1. Great looking job. Looks like a new trailer.


    • Thanks, Jerry. I have to confess that I used to envy people who could buy brand new Casitas. But after seeing the way this one is shaping up, I feel like it is second to none!

      Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it! 🙂


  2. Jojo

     /  April 19, 2012

    A new Casita could’t look any better than yours. You made the inside a show stopper and now the outside too.


  3. I have often thought about getting one of those runs for my cat. She is a bit of a freak and avoids going outdoors from fear of other animals. I might be able to help her out to the yard to su her belly if she felt like she was protected, LOL poor ferrel beastie 🙂


    • Greg, the pens are very sturdy and each panel is staked into the ground with a long u pin. It would definitely keep her safe from other animals. And you probably wouldn’t need two put together like I did. One should be fine.

      She sounds like a sweetheart. 🙂


  4. Barbara Goodman

     /  April 20, 2012

    Great idea on the doggie walk, that hardware cloth is great…
    Greg, have you ever seen the “Kittywalk” ? We have three dogs and a cat,(they don’t always get along) so the cat goes in the Kittywalk when outside, she loves it, we use it everywhere, even at home when the weather is nice(she’s an inside cat).


  5. Your Casita looks great! I’m looking for a 13 ft. and am looking forward to making it gorgeous like yours!


    • Sue, I know that you will LOVE your Casita when you get it! Best of luck to you and I hope it’s soon. It is almost as much fun decorating them as it is going places in them! 🙂


  6. You Casita is smiling! Aren’t those wire pens great? They are so handy when you don’t want to keep an eye on your pets every second or deal with leashes. I don’t bother using the stakes with my canine crew. Bridget and Spike haven’t figured out they could probably nose under the panels! Or they’re too lazy . ..

    Does your blog have a date on it somewhere? I couldn’t find it. It’s probably in 22 font somewhere … Ha!


    • Sue, I got the idea of the pens from you! They will make it so much easier to relax when we are camping or visiting.

      I deliberately turned the dates off on my blog because so many people do searches for places we’ve camped. And the older an article is, the lower it sinks in the search engine ratings. If it’s not dated, it doesn’t suffer that fate. Almost every day people search for Salt Springs, with High Falls a close second. So I feel like I am able to help a lot more people find great campsites this way. Also, it keeps the blog from feeling dated.

      I may turn the dates back on at some point. It’s an easy adjustment in the blog settings.


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