The top half of the Casita is poliglowed

Yesterday and today I got the top half of the Casita stripped and treated with PoliGlow.

I made mistakes.  When I sprayed the applicator with PoliGlow, wind drift deposited bumps of it back onto the trailer.  And I have some bubbles from pushing on the applicator too hard.  And there are some streaks I can’t get rid of.

But at least I know that the fiberglass won’t continue to oxidize and get dull.

I’ll work on the bottom half next week.  It is not severely oxidized — is only beginning to show a little.  And maybe I’ll do a neater job on the bottom half!

Sheba is a digger.  She dug out of her playpen and Sunny followed right behind her through the hole.  I filled in the hole and put both dogs  back into the pen with orders not to dig.  Didn’t work.  🙂   So I’m not sure how I’ll reconcile this with camping next month.

She is makng very little progress with potty training.  Basically if I take her out when I think she needs to go, she cooperates.  But when I figure she will be okay in the house for a half hour or so, she never fails to do something on the floor even if she did both jobs outside 30 minutes earlier.

I’m tired this evening.  Too much climbing up and down ladders and trying to fix streaks and bubbles.  Maybe I should have just waxed the Casita really well!  🙂




  1. clinker

     /  April 15, 2012

    are you sitting her next to you when cleaning up the inside piddle she makes with a wipe of vinegar? the dogs associate the strong vinegar odor with you therefore, they will not use that area again. ive trained 5 dogs so far like this and it work like a charm. the vinegar will also take any stain out and neutralize the odor.


    • Clinker, that is the first I’ve heard of that method. I knew that vinegar would take the odor away, but didn’t realize it could also be an effective training method.

      I’ve been using OdoBan to clean the accidents up. I will switch to vinegar. Thanks for the tip!


  2. But look at the sun reflect off it! Lot of work, but a labor of love and worth the time you spent on it! And now that you are experienced, the bottom will be easier.

    House-training can really try your patience. She’ll get it. Lots of praise when she goes outside and silence when she goes inside (dogs will take bad attention over no attention so if you respond to the inside mistakes, she knows how to get your attention!). Be sure to leave Sunny’s doings outside (don’t scoop) and get Sheba around them. Our other dogs have always done a better job of teaching newbies where to go than we have! You can buy pee-smelling stuff to spray on the grass to help get the point across. She’ll learn.


    • Peggy, I really appreciate the encouraging words! I went out and looked at it this morning, and the streaks have disappeared. There are still some imperfections in it, but I can live with them.

      Great idea about not scooping and taking Sheba by to check out where it is supposed to go! 🙂

      She is learning to come to me because Sunny always comes immediately when I call him.

      Also, puppies need a lot of playing that I don’t have energy for. Sunny takes up the slack and plays with her until she is worn out!


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