Maintenance Bugaboos

I got all the old silicone off the gray and black water tank vents… and got them caulked.  Actually, it looks more like someone iced a cake than caulked.  That is my bugaboo.  I cannot caulk a decent seam.  Fortunately it’s on the roof so it’s not easily visible.  And it won’t leak.

I was going to use C-10 sealant that I ordered on the net.  But it wouldn’t come out of the tube (and I did poke a hole in the seal).  Finally the tube started deforming when I used the caulk gun, so I cut the tube open and it was solidified.  They sold me an old, apparently very old, tube.

Also my silicone remover had solidified, so apparently it was old when I bought it, too.

If I hadn’t had a partial tube of Dicor self leveling caulking on hand, I’d have been up a creek.  And since I had used it before, the tip had solidified caulking in it so I had to cut it way down.  That’s part of the reason for the cake icing effect.

I’m going to wait until I get all new supplies before I tackle the caulking around the lights, stove vent, etc.

Ron took the truck in today and got the trailer charge line fixed.  Some hot wire was missing and there was a bad fuse.  The fix only cost $49.00, so that was a very pleasant surprise!

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  1. Cam

     /  April 11, 2012

    Glad you are practicing caulking skills. When you are all done and good at it then come here and do mine!


    • I’d be happy to help you with a lot of things…. but no way on caulking! 😀

      If I could find someone to pay to do it, I would!!!!!


  2. All you have to do is carry a wet paper towel with you and keep your finger wet! A little caulking on your finger isn’t going to kill you! All you have to do is wet your finger and wipe down the joint while the caulking is still wet! And then wipe the excess off your finger after every swipe at it! That’s how EVERY professional handyman in the world does it! They also make little tools for the purpose that are available at nearly every builder or hardwares store, although I still prefer to use a finger!

    And a little FREE research into how to do it on the web or in the library beforehand would keep the next guy (maybe even you) from having to dig out the mess that you left! Wiping down caulking is the easiest thing in the world to do! I don’t understand why everyone thinks its so hard! THINK before you do these kinds of things! Information is out there for free!


    • The wet finger trick is one I’ll definitely try. I already hit a couple of sites with info on how to caulk neatly. I think (hope) it will make a big difference in the rest of the work. 🙂


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