PoliGlow on Hold & More Gorgeous Wildflowers

Crabapple blossoms

I had planned to PolyGlow the Casita this week.  The days are around 80 degrees, so it’s perfect weather for it.  But everything is coated with yellow pollen,  so I decided that  it would be wiser to wait until the worst of the tree pollen season is past.

Tree pollen on Casita

While I was out, I found more gorgeous flowers to photograph.  Spring is such a glorious time of the year!

Crabapple buds

Bee on dandelion

Tiny little chickweed flowers

Onion flowers in their husk right before bursting free. Onion flowers fascinate me!

Exquisite tiny "weed" flower

Stars of Bethlehem, I think!


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  1. Since having my cataract surgery last week I haven’t spent much time on line.
    So what a treat to see your pretty flower this morning.
    Thank you for sharing your walks and pictures.


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