Spring Flowers in the Woods

Thanks to reader Tim for identifying this little wildflower for me. It's common vetch.

This coming week I plan to Poli-Glo the Casita, but today was a day for taking it easy and wandering the woods looking for little flowers to photograph.

Sunny in the woods.

Sunny went with me, although I don’t know why he wanted to.  He hates navigating through underbrush worse than anything.  He is not a country dog!

I stumbled across something new today.  I knew that dogwood flowers were not actually flowers, but sepals.  However I noticed them in the green stage for the first time today.

I am continuing to lose weight despite a cookie attack a few days ago that set me back a bit.  So far I’m down 11 pounds.  It is coming off slowly, but steadily.

White dogwood blossoms in the green stage.

On a nearby tree, the blossoms are already white.

I believe that these are birdsfoot violets. They are miniscule due to the extremely poor soil.

I have been trying to identify this moss since we moved here years ago and haven't been able to. I did learn that it does NOT transplant! If you know what it is, please let me know.

Deer (and other critter) trails.

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  1. Tim

     /  March 19, 2012

    Your top picture looks like vetch to me.



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