Life is Good!

Well, it seems that the run of negative things happening is past.  A lot of little GOOD things are happening now.

Instead of having to pay Verizon $269.00 to replace my MiFi, I got a new one from eBay for $35 including shipping.

We switched from a bank that had been bought out by another bank that was driving us nuts with screwups,  online banking difficulties, and lousy technical support to a new one with a good rating and superb customer service.

And finally, I am losing weight easily and happily on the low carb diet I started February 5.  I’m down 9.8 pounds already!

I have supplies ordered for some minor maintenance on the Casita.  And it’s getting warm enough that I can soon polish it with the Poli-Glow I bought last November.

And finally, last night I picked up my long-neglected ukulele and got lost in playing beautiful (to me) music.




  1. Life is indeed good! I’ve found a new travel partner and am in a new relationship, so we’re looking to see the wide, wide world together. Can’t wait until she retires in 2013, then we can become permanent Mr. and Mrs. Vagabond in the Casita. Thanks for the MiFi info, that’s what I use all the time. I’ve also been on a diet so I can be in shape for the Rocky Mountains this summer. This one worked great for me-25 lbs lost since Jan 1 and just 10 more to go (and it’s free) HAPPY TRAVELS THIS SUMMER ! ! ! cHUCK


    • Oh, Chuck, what wonderful news!!! The only thing better than being a vagabond is having someone who loves you to share the experience with!

      Glad the Mifi information helped. Actually a Verizon support person told me to check eBay when I expressed shock at what a new one would cost. He even told me what model I needed to work with my plan. Hope they didn’t record that info and he loses his job over it! 🙂

      I love… and use it every day. I just LOVE seeing my weight go down on that little graph! So far I am ahead of goal on it.

      Here’s wishing you and your travel partner the best of everything together! 🙂


  2. Happy things are improving on your end.
    Congrats on the weight loss too.


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