We’re Home Again

We’re back home.  We drove through steady rain, but very fortunately missed the storms.

We did have another misadventure.

Our truck has had several electrical problems.  It developed a new one yesterday.  We discovered it when we stopped at a roadside rest area.

When we were plugged into the truck, the DC electric in the Casita would go on and off.  If we unplugged from the truck, all the DC features worked fine.  So we plugged back in, watched the lights in the trailer go on and off, accompanied by a click at regular intervals.  The sound was not coming from the converter.  At first I thought it was coming from the water heater, but it wasn’t.  It was coming from the battery terminal

AND the lights stayed on whether or not the breakers were on.  Somehow the connections were overriding the breaker… but no fuses were blown.

In order to stop the click and the on and off cycling of the DC electric system, I had to undo one of the battery cables.

So we drove home with no power to the refrigerator, unhooked from the truck, and the DC system worked fine.  Then we plugged into the outlet in the greenhouse and everything still worked perfectly.

However, the breakers are always ON, no matter what you set the switches to.

We stopped on the way home and I got another laptop to replace the one that died. So I’ll have to wait to call someone to look at the electric system in the trailer.

I’m hoping Ron will get the truck in this week to have the problem with the tow line diagnosed.

[on edit… it’s not a disaster!  See next post!]

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  1. Not exactly sure what you are saying about the breakers but, I’m pretty sure all the DC circuits are “only” fused. The circuit breakers in the converter are for the AC circuits only, such as TV, AC, WH, frig on AC, etc; and don’t have any control of the DC circuits such a lighting and fridge on DC. Now, don’t take this to the bank, but I would suspect something wrong with the 12V DC charge line on the truck which was grounding out the system intermittently. If you look at Gene’s Casita Manual he has posted on the CasitaForum, there is a wiring diagram of both the DC and AC wiring. Good luck, and hope you find the problem soon….jc


    • Jerry, your post has taken a HUGE load off my mind.� I thought it was a truck problem, but was afraid it had really damaged the trailer, too.

      Everything in the trailer seems to be working beautifully now.� I may still have an electrician just take a peek at it, but I will quit worrying about a several hundred dollar repair bill on it!

      And I’ll print out my description of the problem on the blog along with your email response for Ron to take to the mechanic to look at.

      Thank you so much!!!!

      It really wouldn’t do me too much good to take a look at Gene’s manual.� My brain simply shuts down when I look at anything to do with electrical wiring.� I know it’s simple.� I guess all the warnings about killing myself and burning down the house when I was a kid stuck!� 🙂

      Oh, I did want to let you know that we had to cancel our plans to attend the rally.� Too many financial hits in too short a time, so we are going to hunker down and save a little until our trip home in April.


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  2. So sorry to hear you can’t make the rally. We were really looking forward to meeting you, but I understand about having to take care of the things life throws at us. Hopefully, next year, if not before; somewhere along the road.
    As for the manual, It still would be a good thing to print it out and have on hand for whenever you need some work done on your trailer. It has the schematics of all the systems; water, AC, DC, etc; which would be a great help to whomever is working on your trailer…..Take care….jc


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