Our “Home” Campground

We have stayed at a lot more beautiful campgrounds than Georgia Veterans Memorial.  But this is the one that we always stop at on our way to and from Florida.  It has a comfortable, old-shoe feeling to us and we feel very relaxed here.

Lake Seminole COE was beautiful.  Picture post card perfect.  But there was no privacy at all, and any time we came out of the Casita night or day, we were in full view of dozens of other RVs.  Bright streetlights burned all night long.  At first we didn’t mind, but it did start grating on us.

So we enjoyed our stay there, but were glad to leave.  We do want to equip our Casita for boondocking, but there are a lot more pressing things financially.  Eventually we’ll get a solar panel and another battery, a high lift axle and 15″ tires.  Then we won’t have to stick to established campgrounds.  Some day.  🙂

For now, we are glad to be here at Georgia Veterans for a couple of nights.  We got a nice pull through where the lake meanders around a curve that gives us privacy on all but one side.  And the next door neighbors went inside early and closed their shades.  So we sat by the campfire and felt as though the whole lake was ours.

We did try fishing earlier, but didn’t get a nibble.  We’ll try again tomorrow if weather permits.

A Scamp 5th wheel parked behind our Casita while we were out fishing.  I was hoping to get to say hi to a fellow egger.  But they ate a quick meal and disappeared inside.  But it was cool to see another molded fiberglass camper in the same park with us.

This morning was very frustrating.  My online banking bill pay feature is messed up.  I kept getting server errors.  And then, to make the morning complete, my computer died.  So I’m using Ron’s this evening.

That means tomorrow’s got to be a better day, right?  🙂

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  1. It looks like such a nice place to park for a few days and fish.
    I sure hope your day goes better tomorrow.
    I’ll be heading home tomorrow. I stayed an extra day and who knows by tomorrow I may change my mind and stay again 🙂


  2. Hi, JoJo, I saw the pictures of icicles everywhere that you took. BRRR. Hope it warmed up and you got to stay a bit longer!


  3. Hazel

     /  March 2, 2012

    The photo of your ‘home camp’ looks sooo relaxing and quiet! That’s what we’re looking forward to with WREN. This big RV resort is just not us…noise, trucks, people and action at all times of the day and night. Our neighbour blares his television right beside our bedroom from 5:30am until 10:30pm! It wears on your nerves… Give me some nature and peace and quiet.

    Hope your techie problems are solved today…we all have those every now and then! 😉


    • Hi, Hazel. We love this place, although I’m afraid it makes for a boring blog! Most of the COE parks we’ve stayed at have catered more to campers than RV’ers, and that’s what we love.

      I plan to buy a new laptop when we get home. Mine had a long, busy life. 🙂


  4. Well it all looks wonderful. Even your little portable campfire just looked postcard
    warm and cozy! I’m in the middle of taxes so escape seems great idea to me. lol


    • Linda, that little campfire has proved to be a wonderful purchase. This campground is selling firewood for $5.00 a bundle, so a pound of propane an hour is a lot cheaper. And it is so convenient! I do miss the smell of a real fire sometimes, but this is a good tradeoff!


  5. When you were at Lake Seminole, did you walk around that other loop of campsites? They are wooded and very private, but many still by the water (not the one across the road, this was on the same shoreline you were on). Totally different feel than the wide open part where you were! So if you liked everything else about it, you might want to consider a site in the wooded section. I made note of the best ones when I was there and can send you those site numbers if you ever consider returning.

    Hope your computer comes back to life!


    • Hi, Peggy, yes we walked around all the loops. And the other one is a lot more private. I think that in summer it would probably have a lot of nice shade, too.

      We probably won’t go back there any time soon. Our next COE camping trip will probably be at R. Shaefer Heard campground on West Point Lake since we are so much farther north. That’s another one we enjoy returning to again and again. They have a full range of campsites, from hidden on a rocky crag to gentle grass sloping down to the water.

      Can’t wait to check your blog this evening and see what you are up to! 🙂


  6. Interestingly, last November we stayed 13 days on the corner site next to the pull through you stayed in at East Bank. You are sure right about the lack of privacy. People were regularly walking past our window from the bridge over the slough.

    We have stayed at Georgia Veterans State Park and wondered at how they probably flew the airplanes in for the dispay.


    • Peg, on our last day there, people traveling together camped in your old site and on the other side of us, and regularly walked and called back and forth to each other. We got the distinct impression that they were irritated because we were in their way. Ugh! 🙂

      I think they must have trucked those airplanes in, maybe reassembled them after they got here? That’s just a guess. Because they sure don’t look flight-worthy!

      I mean to take pictures of that display every time we are here, and always put it off until later and then forget.


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