Cool Campers & Spring Flowers


We’ve seen a couple of intriguing campers here.  The first is an old Trillium.  I think the owner said it was a ’72.  He got it when the previous owner’s wife died, and the guy didn’t want to take it out camping any more.  It’s in beautiful shape, and I do so love the jalousie windows that can be left open in the rain.

The second one is a home built rig.  I can’t remember if the owner said they have been fulltiming in it 6 or 8 years.  But they started out with a truck camper, but their truck was inadequate to carry it.  So they bought a Sprinter flat bed and mounted the camper on it.

Home built rig on a Sprinter flat bed

But they had a big dog, and their dog had nowhere to ride.  They said the Mennonites sometimes salvage old sleepers off trucks for various uses around farms.  So they bought a sleeper from them for the dog to ride in.

But, even though they cut the sleeper down, they still had to raise the truck camper to fit… so they built in a storage basement.  Then they added the cage on front to carry their generator and supplies.

This shot shows the storage area open

Later on, their dog died, so they converted the dog “room” to storage.

She also said they were in a park one time when a terrific storm came through.  So both of them climbed into the carpet lined sleeper with the dog and rode out the storm together.  🙂

I can’t remember all the details, but it was fascinating listening to her explain how their unusual camper, that is perfectly suited for their way of travel, came to be.

The catfish catcher

The people here are amazingly friendly!  Such a pleasure to meet and strike up conversations with them.

The fisherman in the photo and his wife have caught several nice size catfish.  The park has a great screened fish cleaning station.

I have been loving seeing the tiny little spring wildflowers that are blooming down here.  I don’t know the names of most of them, but they delight me.

Yellow clover

Little bluet & common laccaria mushroom

And a sweet little dandelion 🙂

The shelf Rob made me is turning out to be much more than just a coffee shelf! I've started leaving it up during the day, too.

A hint of a sunset

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  1. Camilla

     /  February 25, 2012

    I see from your little shelf that you are sewing or crafting something? I’m on a campground crafters group on yahoo if you are interested. Great ladies and a lot of them are full timing and crafting their way around the US.


  2. Well I love seeing the different RV’s… very interesting. Whatever it takes to get on
    the road, works for most of us. Good post! Thanks :))


  3. Camilla

     /  February 26, 2012

    Campground crafters group for you. Make sure you introduce yourself. Some of the gals are having a meet up right now in Florida


    • Camilla, I looked at that group and it says it’s for fulltimers or snowbirds and their unique challenges of not having a stick and bricks house to keep craft supplies.

      That doesn’t apply to me as I have a room full of craft supplies at home.

      BUT I am keeping that link handy in case we ever do get to fulltime! 🙂

      Besides, I generally prefer to get out and do other things when we are camping. I only do crafts when I’m stuck inside due to weather or if I just don’t feel up to outdoorsy things.


  4. Hazel

     /  February 26, 2012

    We’re finally back from our mission to buy our ‘new to us’ Casita, WREN! I made a cup of tea to relax and enjoy reading your adventures. You seem to make the most of whatever comes along.

    I love seeing other people’s campers and what they’ve done to make them work. That’s one reason why I want to leave this RV resort…the rigs are huge, expensive and all pretty much the same. No imagination, just money! 😉

    Enjoy your trip!


    • Hazel, I am THRILLED that you got your Casita! WOOT! 🙂

      We are in a park with a lot of big rigs, and 3 or 4 smaller rigs. I think the small rigs are so interesting.. and am not impressed with the bigger rigs at all. I told Ron, “We have the best little camper in the world!”

      Enjoy YOUR Casita!!!!


      • Hazel

         /  February 26, 2012

        Thank you! I’m happy as a clam nesting in her right now! Another week and we’ll be off on our first Casita adventure.


        • If you are like us, every trip will be a wonderful adventure. It never gets old… but be warned, it is addictive!

          Pretty soon, after you’ve been home a week or so, you’ll start itching to get back out again!

          I am truly thrilled for you!!!!


  5. I also love to see what others have done to their rigs to make them a home to them.
    The flowers are so pretty. They are popping up here also.
    I leave tomorrow for maybe 4-5 days depends on the weather. I found out I will have to leave very early in the morning due to high winds. I hate driving in high winds in the class c.


    • JoJo, wishing you a safe journey. Winds are scary. Ours have FINALLY died down!

      Looking forward to following your adventures on your blog. I still can’t comment. I’m convinced it’s some of the security on my computer. It is so secure that I can’t even do things with it that I WANT to do! And I can’t undo it.


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