East Bank COE, Lake Seminole

The Casita at East Bank COE, Lake Seminole

We’re here, and it’s GORGEOUS!

It’s warm today — would be hot except that there is a very stiff wind whipping the water into whitecaps.  It looks like the beach and feels like the beach,.  The only thing missing is the salt tang in the air!  It will be very interesting to see how the lake looks when the wind calms down.

The wind is supposed to bring rain behind it.  But hopefully for just a day.

What is different about this COE park, compared to others we’ve stayed at, is that the sites are a lot closer together.  Not a problem, though, because the view is so beautiful and the neighbors are courteous.

We were warned about the sugar ant problem when we checked in.  So we have everything that touches the ground sprayed with Black Flag, and made sure our electric and water lines are up off the ground.  So far I haven’t seen any ants… so I hope it stays that way.

Sunny doesn't know what to make of the wind whipping his hair around

Me with camper hair!

Lake Seminole



  1. I was at East Bank last September! Loved it! What site are you in? That was the one with the bizarre bath house showers that you push a button and it runs for 60 seconds. Hopefully you don’t need them!

    If you have time for Kolomoki, I feel sure you will like it, great sites, right on a lake as well (but a much smaller one). Nice museum as well.


  2. Peggy, we are in 21 — it’s a little pull through. We couldn’t get right on the water, but we are one RV away from it. And we have a nice, unobstructed view of the water.

    We haven’t used the showers yet. I do prefer showering in the camper. But with our small gray tanks, we’ll probably use them tomorrow.

    Ron said there weren’t separate shower areas for men and women. They are all together and if one is occupied, it’s locked. I’ll have to check it out tomorrow. Sounds weird!


  3. If you go over to that area across the road from you (between sites 50 and 51), the older bath house is functional and it is normal. I didn’t use it because nobody was in that area except one decrepit camper and it felt too isolated. But there are normal showers there!


  4. PS–By “decrepit camper” I mean the RV was shoddy, not the camper himself!


  5. Looks like a really lovely place. And you can tell from your pictures how windy it was.
    Enjoy your stay


  6. Gail

     /  February 24, 2012

    Looks like heaven. 🙂


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