Overnighting Again & Oopsies

Ron and I have slight colds.  Not enough to make us feel sick, but we are not feeling up to par.

Little things have gone wrong.  Ron filled the ice chest with ice, then forgot to raise the tailgate on the truck. I didn’t notice it either.  It smashed into the trailer tongue post and has an ugly, deeply dented gouge there.  Then, while turning around in the driveway of an abandoned business, the trailer’s right stab jack got attacked by a pothole.  The jack is bent so badly it’s not usable.

We took the two lane back roads today over winding, twisty roads and hills today — and discovered what huge swatches of southwest Georgia are virtually uninhabited.  Miles upon miles with no houses or sign of human presence, except the road.

The unending hills and curves made stressful driving for Ron.  We were both exhausted when we rolled in to Bainbridge.  The sun was going down.  I was dreading having to back into a site at Seminole Lake in the dark.  When we saw a KOA sign, it looked like an oasis in the desert to us.

So we are here this evening.  Normally I would stay ANYWHERE but a KOA, but tonight it looked good.  It’s nothing but a grassy field with some trees in it.  Many long tern residents around the perimeter, but the center pull through section is almost empty.

We stopped, set up, put out the patio mat, small outdoor table, the grill and our chairs.  We are the ONLY people in the park that are doing anything vaguely camping related.  Everyone else is inside.  The only people we’ve seen have been walking their dogs.  But tonight I love it.  We were way too pooped to be sociable.

So we fixed a lovely dinner, got showers, and sat outside enjoying the temperatures in the low 60’s with a balmy breeze.  And swatted an occasional mosquito.

Tonight it feels like heaven to relax inside our little egg.

We’ll head for Lake Seminole tomorrow.


  1. I think everyone has one of those days, occasionally. A friend just purchased a new travel trailer last weekend, and ripped off one of the rear jacks getting into his driveway. As aggravating as those days can be, it still beats sitting at home.


    • Oh, my! That would really make a person heartsick, wouldn’t it? A new trailer!

      And you are absolutely right about aggravating days beating sitting at home! I got a bit of gratitude back this evening…. and I am so thankful we have our beautiful little Casita! 🙂


  2. Sorry to hear about your accidents and stress, but it sounds like it ended well. Any day that ends in camping is better than most others!
    So I thought I would let you know too that we are going to be selling our Aliner as well. We actually picked up a brand new travel trailer, a 23′ Keystone Bullet with a slide out and everything. We’ll still be going outside and camping,lol, now KOA’s for us either.


    • Congratulations on the new trailer! It will probably feel like a palace after the Aliner! I hope you have a wonderful time getting out in it! Thanks for letting me know.


  3. Those days happen unfortunely. And yes a KOA is not my idea of a nice place either. Their prices are so high. But as a last resort to end a bad day I guess I would be there too. And at least there is no damage to the egg itself.

    Sorry you aren’t feeling well and hope it just stays miild. I have had so much trouble with allergys already this year I wouldn’t know if I had a cold or not. I just keep using Zicam in the morning and before I go to bed.
    Hope the rest of your trip is much better.


    • JoJo, we are feeling better this morning. Taking the damage in stride and just glad to be out. And you are right… there is no damage to the egg itself, for which I am grateful!

      I have bad allergies, too. Maybe I should try Zicam, too. In any case, we are feeling a bit better this morning.


  4. I was just camping in roughly that area in a new (to me) campground. I was surprised at the 2-lane road I traveled from about Camilla to Ft. Gaines. I wanted to stop to check my map and there was no place to pull over for 30 miles!! No shoulder, and the grassy sides of the roadway dropped too severely on both sides to consider even trying to pull over and stop. When I finally came to a small town with a Pure gas station, it was not someplace I would want/feel safe to pull over.

    You are in my area now! Will you be at Seminole State Park? I definitely recommend Kolomoki State Park on your way back home if it’s convenient and you haven’t been there–great Indian Mounds.



    • Hi, Peggy,

      Your blog post really sparked my interest in the new COE park. Maybe next time we are down this way we can check it out. We just got to East Bank COE this afternoon. It’s beautiful here, but with the whipping wind and the whitecaps, it is more like camping at the beach than on a lake!

      I don’t think we’ve ever been on a road where there was NO place to pull over and stop for so many miles as 27 south of Ft. Bragg. Kind of scary!

      No, we won’t be at Seminole State Park. But we passed Kilomoki on our way down and may consider staying there on the way back if time permits.


  5. theresa

     /  February 23, 2012

    despite the small “oopsies”….it still sounds like heaven to me—at least you ARE out in your trailer,camping. we are only dreaming, waiting for the snow to melt.
    have fun at lake seminole!


    • Theresa, it is way beyond my expectations here… partly because of the unusual weather. It would be hot in the sun, but it is cloudy and extremely windy. Occasionally the sun peeks through.

      It DOES feel like a little bit of heaven!

      I am really looking forward to hearing about your camping trips when the snow melts and you can get out. Just remember that when it gets nice up there, we will be scorching down here. So it will be your turn then! 🙂


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