Custom Coffee Shelf for the Casita!

Custom coffee shelf for the Casita

No more knocked over coffee cups!

After knocking a cup of coffee over in bed the last time we were out in the Casita, I decided I really needed a little window mounted coffee shelf.

So I posted on the Casita Forum asking Rob (who is known for his superb Casita mods) for ideas on how to build a small, stable window shelf.

Instead of answering me, he wrote me that he would build one for me, and asked how I envisioned the shelf and what dimensions I wanted it to be.

Casita Mod -- small coffee table

The shelf couldn't possibly be more perfect for me!!!

Since I wasn’t sure how to draw or describe the shelf, I told Rob that it needed to hold a coffee cup and a ballpoint pen, and to use his best judgment on how to build it.

Today I got the shelf in the mail, and it is beyond my wildest expectations.  A truly thoughtful touch is that the surface where the cup sets is white Formica, so I won’t even have to use a coaster on it.

Despite his expert instructions on how to install it, I screwed up the first time.  But Rob very patiently told me how to realign the shelf and angle the screws to make it a perfect fit.

Custom shelf Casita mod

Perfect little bedroom!

I truly don’t have words to describe how much I love and appreciate this little shelf.  I think it is probably the most wonderful gift I’ve ever received….  it was designed for the little Casita that I love by a master craftsman with his own hands… solely because he wanted to do it!!!

I wanted to do something special for Rob and Linda to show my appreciation, but they said no.  They said do something special for someone who is not expecting it…. Pay It Forward.

I have the blinds down for cleaning, but when they are re-installed they will cover the shelf mount when the shelf is removed for storage.

I’m stumbling for words right now and they won’t come.  So I’ll just sign off and post the pictures for you to enjoy!  🙂

This shows the latch on the bottom that holds the pegs into the base.

The pegs slide into the holes in the base, then the base is locked to the shelf

The shelf base is mounted to the window frame

When I reinstall the blinds, they will cover the shelf mount during the day when the shelf is not in use.

The shelf is stored in an overhead cabinet when not in use.



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  1. Marsha

     /  February 13, 2012

    That is so cool. How does it attach to the window? What a wonderful present!


    • Marsha, the base screws into the metal window frame. It does not interfere at all with opening and closing the window.

      I think Rob is a genius! And an artist!


  2. Terry

     /  February 13, 2012

    You are one lucky duck! That at least equals the one Rob built for Linda.


    • Terry, I would NEVER have expected it! It’s one thing for a guy to do something like that for his wife… but for a stranger he’s never met except on a board?

      I love the way he designed it to meet my needs — which included space for the pen. 🙂


  3. Hazel

     /  February 13, 2012

    It’s fabulous! Which Rob is it? I’m new…just buying a Spirit Deluxe this month…but can’t wait to do mods that make the Casita our little home. Thanks for sharing!


    • Hazel, it’s the Rob that posts as Rob and Linda on the Casita Forum.

      Congratulations on your new Casita. I used to think I wanted the Liberty floor plan, but the Spirit is so much more versatile! I know that you will love yours!


      • Hazel

         /  February 14, 2012

        Thank you! I think it will work for us too. We found a used one but only a year old; I’m excited to start nesting! 😉


        • I can’t wait to hear about it when you get yours!!!!

          We would have liked a new one, but are thrilled with our 2005. I bet yours still smells new!


  4. Camilla

     /  February 13, 2012

    Holey moley he did a great job!


  5. Tina

     /  February 13, 2012

    Wow!! That is really cool and how sweet of him.


    • It sure was, Tina! I wish he could know how thrilled I am and how much I appreciate it! I am planning what I can do to pay it forward, and I hope it is as special to someone as the little coffee shelf was to me!


  6. Nice to see the road-worthy improvement- glad you’re on the road, Tinycamper! 🙂


    • Thanks Watching Seasons! We are planning to take a trip next week… supposed to be in the 70’s there. Wish I could take bird photos like yours! 🙂


  7. What a clever idea and a wonderful gift. Rob and his wife sound like people you can call friends even if you never meet them in person.


    • I feel like they are friends. Would love to meet them at a rally someday. But if not, they sure have brightened my life. 🙂

      So sorry your trip got canceled, JoJo. Hope you are on the road again soon.


  8. Hope Wingo

     /  February 17, 2012

    If gift buying wasn’t difficult before, it just got there. Now, you truly DO have everything!!! Enjoy the coziness…From the pictures, I can feel the nip outside and smell the coffee inside. Looks Wonderful!!


    • Hope, I really feel like I do have everything! That little shelf makes it the perfect place to curl up and read, surf, do crosswords, or a place to put my tatting supplies.

      Cozy and comfy… yes!


  9. Your Casita should be in a RV magazine. It’s looking lovely and
    what gal wouldn’t want some ideas on jazzin up her space?
    I think I may have told you, but I really like your color choices.
    Just right for your space… my opinion. The valance is so nice!
    Looks like a lot of work.
    Enjoying your posts :))


    • Hi, Linda,

      Wow! That’s high praise! Thanks! 🙂

      I moved that towel holder that was over the sofa today and will get the rear blinds up later tonight. So it’s coming along!

      Glad you are here!


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