Back to the Drawing Board

I worked on the valances for the Casita today, but am not happy with the way they look.  The material is too thick to ruffle… it just bunches up.

So I think I’m going to cut 5mm plywood, cover it with batting and fabric, and see how little cornice boards will work.

I’m also building a larger support for the glass table top.  If we put weight on the edge of the glass, it will tip.  So my little supports should work and hopefully visually disappear, as they will be painted black like the table base.

I also sanded the stove cover today.  When I painted it a couple of weeks ago, the fan blew some trash into the wet paint and made a couple of ugly little bumps.  So I’ll redo that Monday.

Tomorrow is my day off from projects.  Except for some tatting.  I have 6 more double flower motifs to do to finish that endless doily. 🙂


  1. Marsha

     /  February 5, 2012

    I was thinking of going the cornice box route, too. We were at the RV show today and I was poking around the stickies to see how their cornices were constructed and attached. Of course they’re not fiberglass, so they looked like they were stapled/nailed into the walls. I think if I can find some way to attach them to the blinds, that might work. I’ll be anxious to see how yours turn out. Our Casita is under wraps for the winter, so I’ll have to wait until we get put it in the driveway to work on my valance/cornice.


    • Marsha, my Aliner had pretty cornice boards, but they were flat without the L-shaped sides. They were held to the wall by velcro. The velcro would come loose and slide down the wall a bit, though, so I used a couple of small screws to screw the velcro into the wall.

      After thinking about the valances all day, I’ve decided to go back with the pleated valance idea, but make them smaller and more casual than my original plan. I’ll remove the spare slats at the top of the blinds and velcro the valances to that area.

      If you keep the cornice boards small and light enough, you could probably velcro them to the top of the blinds, also.

      I bet you are anxious to unwrap your Casita, aren’t you! Hope you have an awesome camping season this year!


  2. 3M has some great stick on things that are better than velcro. Good luck with the sewing can’t wait to see them up.


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