Are You Seeing Weird Videos Here?

I got a report that a viewer is seeing weird videos when she clicks on the comments link, scrolls to the bottom of the comments, then scrolls back up.  The videos only appear when she scrolls back up, and she is seeing them between the end of my blog post and the beginning of the comments.

I have a lot of security on my computer, and I can’t see what she is talking about.

I need to know if it’s a problem with my blog, or if it’s something on her computer.  If you see any weird videos here, PLEASE let me know.

[On edit — I’m pretty sure that viewer has some malware on her computer.]

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  1. Camilla

     /  January 29, 2012

    No weird video but I might like to see one :c)



  2. I looked and looked, but didn’t see nuttin’. I agree with you, she probably has something she doesn’t need on her computer.


    • Jerry, thank you! I was so afraid someone had messed with my WordPress account. I was horrified that people might think I had put up those videos!


  3. S Foss

     /  January 30, 2012

    Nope, no weird videos….


  4. ukulefty

     /  January 30, 2012

    None here either… I feel like I’m missing out on something though, haha!


    • Too funny, ukelefty! It would be different if I put them there… apparently she is just seeing them on WordPress blogs.


  5. No videos that I can see, weird or normal. LOL!


  6. Nope no weird videos.


  7. Marsha

     /  February 1, 2012

    Actually I did see an advertisement video and am doing a complete scan of my laptop


    • Marsha, do you have Comcast? The person who was seeing them before is still seeing them after malware and antivirus scans show her computer is clean.

      She said there’s some kind of deal between Comcast and YouTube where they throw advertising videos up on some pages. She is seeing them mostly on WordPress blogs.

      So you may not have to worry about malware on your computer.


      • Marsha

         /  February 2, 2012

        I did a search “ads in wordpress blogs” and found this: has been running advertising on our free hosted blogs since 2006. Many bloggers do not know this because despite the fact they ticked the box required to get a free blog, they did not read the ToS. Many also do not read features page, or advertising entry in the support documents after registering their username and blog(s). Also note that as the ads do not display to us when we are logged in, and as many use browsers with ad blockers when logged out, they may not realize they are there at all. The only way to get rid of all advertising on our free hosted blogs is to purchase an annually renewable No-Ads upgrade.

        If you feel an ad is inappropriate please take a screenshot of it and send it to Staff by emailing or upload it into your Media Library and contact Staff and let them know it’s there for them to view.

        At least I did a long overdue scan of my laptop 🙂


  8. Marsha, thank you for that thorough explanation! I did know that WordPress ran ads, and I don’t see them from my end.

    What was unusual was that the person who told me about them has been visiting my blog since I started it and she had never seen them before… and they were pretty scary videos with vampires and such.

    It was way out of the norm of what she was used to seeing here.

    Thanks again so much for the research. I learned a lot from it.

    I am planning to eventually move my blog to my own domain, so I will know exactly what my readers are seeing! 🙂


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