A Day for Surprises

Today has been a day for people surprises!  I’ve given three tours of the Casita, met some wonderful local women (one gave me a beautiful coffee cup), and — Ron met a long-lost cousin!

Winter color

Ron had gone to the bath house to do laundry.  While he was there a guy came up and they started talking,  “Where are you from?”  The talked of places and people they knew, then the guy asked Ron if he knew a certain woman.

“That’s my Mom’s sister,”  Ron replied.

“That’s my mother-in-law!”  the guy exclaimed.

So soon he and his wife were at our campsite catching up on family news.  They are camping here because

More color

they have a new grandchild in Augusta.  Since there are tons of family visiting the new baby, they decided to bring their camper here so everyone would have more breathing room.

Today has been chilly.  Not that cold, but a brisk wind makes campfires and jackets feel good.  And the campground is starting to fill up today with weekend campers.

I normally don’t like to go to the same campground twice, as there are so many new places that I haven’t seen yet.  But this is one that we will

The Casita hidden in the trees

Picnic pavilion


View from our rear window

definitely plan to return to.

We’re planning to go into town for dinner tonight.  I am hankering for Chinese.  🙂


  1. Barbara Goodman

     /  January 27, 2012

    I just love your blog, it really makes my day when I receive news that a blog is in my e-mail.
    We’ll be retiring in 5 years and want to learn all we can, you make that possible, our only requirement is to get a Casita, I can’t wait, really, I can’t !!!
    Have a Great Night…


    • Barbara, comments like yours is why I do a blog! I love sharing my good times, and I love it even more when I hear that something I write is useful to someone.

      You probably already know this, but Casita fever is incurable! 🙂

      I get so excited when I hear of someone else getting their little egg. I hope your time comes soon and that you have lots of getaways in it before you retire, too. Some things are too good to put off! 🙂


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