Petersburg Corps of Engineers Campground

Petersburg COE campsite on a gray day

Even though it’s a chilly, gray day, it’s beautiful here at Petersburg COE campground.  The warm weather that was predicted to arrive here Sunday has moved back two days.  It’s supposed to arrive Tuesday now.

A foggy and drizzly drive

The day started out foggy and drizzly and stayed that way all day.  It made the 3-1/2 hour drive seem a lot longer than it actually was.

It felt so good to get set up and establish our little home-for-a-week.  We took a short walk to get a quick overview of the scenery, then Ron took off to buy a couple of grocery items that he had forgotten.

I snugged in my bed, propped up on pillows, enjoying the scenery outside the windows, and surfed my favorite discussion boards.

The swimming beach a few yards from our campsite

Where the swimming beach goes

The Paige Bridges print that Gail gave me is now hanging in the Casita!

Tomorrow will probably be a very laid back day, too, due to so-so weather.  But when the sun comes out, we’ll start exploring in earnest!

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