Camping Next Week!!!

Look at these temperatures that are predicted for the Augusta, GA area next week!  How’s that for bitter winter weather!  😀

We’re going camping!  Leaving Sunday.  We’ll be camping at the Petersburg Corps of Engineers campground 25 miles north of Augusta.  It’s on the huge Strom Thurmond lake that divides northern Georgia and South Carolina.

So tomorrow we’ll dewinterize the trailer and start packing it… and hope an unexpected cold front doesn’t pop up and spoil everything!


  1. Happy travels! Looks pretty similar to our Florida winter so far since January.


  2. Sounds like a great plan!


  3. I certainly understand your excitement! Just a little envious here in Pennsylvania! I’d be happy just with 40 degrees! We could hop on a plane tomorrow and be in Florida in a few hours, but we are too old to be that impulsive (*sigh*). It would take weeks of planning, and other things are keeping us ‘anchored’ here! Love the cute table you purchased! I also ‘repurpose’ things, and have every kind of storage container known to mankind! 🙂 I’m sure we’ll hear from you during your trip! Have a great time!!!!


    • Kathy, we are hoping the warm weather holds, as predicted. It takes me longer to get ready to go than it used to, also. Especially since I don’t have a lot of things pre-packed in the trailer. I am still figuring out how to best use the storage space.

      Glad you like the table. I just love it and can’t believe how useful it is turning out to be. I’ve decided it will mostly stay with the glass top stowed on top of a dinette cushion until we need the table for something specific. It sure does give me much needed counter space for cooking!


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