I copied this photo from somewhere off the net.  I wish I could give proper credit for it, but I’ve forgotten where I found it.

[On edit – a reader told me that this photo is from a guy named Lamar who has a series of YouTube videos under Solar Cabin.  Check it out!]

Anyway, I was browsing through my photo files this morning.  Looking at family photos, places I’ve been, places I want to go, people I love — and I ran across this picture.

It really resonates with me.  I love tiny living spaces (which is why the Casita delights me so).  Instead of mountains of stuff owning you, a small place like this forces you to get rid of the clutter, and discern which material possession are really necessary and desirable.  The solar panels announce that this person treads lightly on the earth.  The miniscule garden looks like an explosion of nature’s laughter.  And the man sitting on the porch seems to exude a quiet sense of accomplishment and contentment.

It’s like the best of country living in a nutshell — a teeny tiny nutshell!

Yesterday I found a treasure at the thrift store!  It’s a pretty plant stand that I can modify into a small drop leaf table for the Casita.  I just have to buy a larger table top, hinges and the drop leaf hardware.  I think I’ll paint it a light beige to coordinate with the cushion fabrics.

Sunny went to the groomer yesterday and is a handsome little guy now.  He was so woefully shaggy that I got his hair cut summer short.   So now he has to wear a sweater all the time and a coat when he goes outside.  But he is so good looking!

I am saddened sometimes when I look at him.  He is getting older.  He has an eye condition that has deposited a half moon of mineral discoloration in one eye.  He requires daily medication.

But oh how I love my little white fuzzy buddy!


  1. I can fully understand his happiness. I’ve never understood how a packrat could enjoy life (as I kid I can remember many of them in our family)


    • I really would love to be able to get rid of all the stuff and live so simply. Sometimes I think I would love to fulltime in the Casita. Other times I think I would miss having a place for a small garden. Having a place like that AND a Casita to get away in would be the perfect balance, wouldn’t it? 🙂


  2. I like that picture too. It looks like paradise!

    Cute puppy!


    • I think it looks like Paradise, too, Maureen, but I suspect we are in the minority. Most people would consider it pitiful. Different strokes!

      Glad you think Sunny is cute. He does, too! 😀


  3. Sunny is as cute as can be! No wonder you love him so much.


  4. Marsha

     /  January 14, 2012

    We’ve always been fascinated with living simpler and smaller. There’s a website with plans I believe you can buy for tiny houses


  5. Marsha, I love that site. I have spent a lot of enjoyable hours surfing everything I could find on tiny houses. I doubt I could really ever live in one because DH isn’t nearly as thrilled with small spaces as I am. But it sure is fun dreaming about it. 🙂


  6. I love that little cabin and his happy little garden and front porch. I could be happy there too.


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