Internet Problems

I am having extreme problems with my internet service.  I have the old Verizon mobile unlimited contract, and it appears they are throttling me to force me to upgrade to a more expensive plan.  For the past two days, it is very difficult to get a web page to even load.

They slow down the speed on the old unlimited contracts when usage goes over 2.5 GB a month — supposedly only during high use periods.  But it’s been all day lately for me.

I am going to call about getting a new internet service provider next week.


  1. Barbara Goodman

     /  January 7, 2012

    Good luck with that, internet, phone & cable are the worst, way to expensive to boot !!!!!


  2. I will pay their prices for now… looking for now better alternatives though!


  3. I have the Verizon “hot spot” (mi fi)which goes where I go, I haven’t had much experience with their cable or dsl service. The hot spot is as good as the cell phone so far as reception goes.


    • Chuck, I have a 2007 mobile internet contract with Verizon that has reverted to month to month. It has an unlimited bandwidth allowance.

      However, with so much smartphone and MiFi usage, they began throttling the old unlimited contracts when usage goes over 2.5 GB a month.

      I could pay to upgrade, but I am really disappointed at their breach of contract.

      At some point, I’ll upgrade, but I do wish there were some competitors out there with the same coverage as Verizon. 🙂


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