A Little Christmas

Our tiny Christmas display

I very seriously debated putting up a tree this year.

There’s just Ron and I.  There’s no other family around.  It’s doubtful we’ll have holiday company.

But then I decided that we really need the cheerful lights, the tangible celebration of faith, and reminders of Christmases past.  So I had Ron pick up a tiny live tree this evening to decorate.

As I went through boxes of decorations, each piece brought back memories of where I got it and what was going on in my life at the time.  Some memories were sweet.  Some bittersweet.  But the effect was to envelop me in the sweet peace and contentment that is Christmas.

I put out a few other of my favorite decorations, but kept them to a minimum this year.

Tonight I have beautiful music playing and am in a very special place.

My LEDs for the Casita arrived today.  I installed them earlier this evening and am very pleased with the effect.  They are warm white, and while not as warm as the incandescents, they still give a pleasing, natural light.  What was really fun was watching the battery monitor register the drop in current they drew compared to the original bulbs.

So the Casita got a Christmas present, too!  🙂

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  1. Kathy N.

     /  December 23, 2011

    We tend to keep our Christmas decorations and celebration kind of low-key, We don’t have children, so Christmas is less hectic for us, although we do have family in the area, so we enjoy a Christmas experience without all the work. LOL!!

    My little 4-foot Christmas tree is actually ‘decorated’ year-round (and stored in the garage with a protective bag) because I take it to our group’s tatting demo’s as a ‘sampler’ of different kinds of tatted ornaments. (It also has lights.) So all I have to do is set it on its little table (with quilted Victorian-fan tree skirt) and place it in front of the window. Even though we don’t have many Christmas visitors at home, my tree has been seen by thousands of visitors at our tatting events!!

    I’m glad your new LED lights are ‘warmer’ than the first ones that they initially manufactured. I’m all for saving energy, but it’s taken them awhile to come up with a satisfactory substitute for the warm glow of the incandescents.

    Hope you have a lovely, quiet, peaceful holiday!


    • Kathy, I LOVE your idea of a small tree with tatted Christmas decorations. Maybe I’ll work on something like that this year.

      We like small trees, so the tatting decorations would have to be scaled down.

      I am getting excited at a cool tatting project this year. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

      Hope your holidays are wonderful, too!


  2. I love your little tree its just enough to add warmth to your home. I didn’t do much this year and hope to do less next year. As a matter of fact hope to be in Gulf Shores next year on the beach.

    Have a wonderful Holiday


    • JoJo, I’ve enjoyed peeking in on your blog. You have been busy! 🙂

      Wish I could comment there. I don’t know if it’s Blogger or the settings on my computer, but I run into that on other Blogspot blogs, too.

      Anyway, I hope you are in Gulf Shores on the beach next year, too, and will enjoy following your progress getting there!

      Hope your holidays are wonderful, too.


  3. Jool, we don’t have any Christmas decorations up this year! For one thing we haven’t had the time… which is surprising considering we are retired! Love your Christmas tree, it’s beautiful!



    • Hey, Mike, I’m Sharon, not Jool. But I follow her blog, too! 🙂

      Thanks for the comments on the tree. It’s tiny, but cheery and sweet.

      Love your Bichon Brothers avatar! Too bad they aren’t invited out to dinner tomorrow. Maybe they’ll be a little nicer to the dog next door next time. 😀


  4. Nice! We have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree with one ornament. About the same size as your small tree. We like the LED’s too.

    Merry Christmas. I enjoy your blog.


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