Refrigerators & Battery Monitor

We finally got a break in the rain today long enough for me to gather up the food in the Casita and bring it into the house.

After I got the food inside, I thought, I’ll go ahead and clean the refrigerator before putting the food into it.  So I cleaned the shelves and walls and got it looking good.

Then I thought, It’s been a while since I pulled the produce drawers out and cleaned under them.  Might as well do that now.

YERK.  All kinds of goo had leaked under there and solidified into a gross brown mess.  So after soaking, scrubbing, soaking and scrubbing some more, I finally had it clean.

Then I thought, Might as well go through and throw out everything that’s been in there a while.

Then I went out to the camper and scrubbed its refrigerator, too.  So now I have two squeaky clean refrigerators.  🙂

My battery monitor was delivered today, so I unplugged the shore power and plugged the monitor into the DC plug in the trailer.  The numbers jumped around for a while, but then settled on 12.71.  GREAT!  I was wondering if I needed to replace the battery that came in the trailer when we bought it.  Apparently not.

My LED lights should be here sometime this week, I hope.  That will be another step toward making the trailer more suited for boondocking.

I’m hoping to have a nice solar system installed in the Casita by the end of 2012.  That will open up a lot more camping possibilities to us if we don’t have to worry about having hookups.


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  1. You are giving me all kinds of things to think about. I like the idea of boondocking in our Casia and would also like to install a solar system.


  2. I am curious about what kind of a battery monitor you have as I am interested in getting one for my camper, too. Could you tell us the model or maybe a photo. Thanks for your time.


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