Rainy Day Women

Our unseasonably warm, soggy weather

Bob Dylan’s song popped into my head as I pondered our dreary weather.  So that’s the reason for the post’s title.

I had planned to wash and wax the Casita this week, winterize it, and get all of our things out of it.  Then I’d cover it with the trailer cover I ordered, which should be here next week.

But the weather is not cooperating with my plans.  And I am dragging my feet about bringing things in out of the trailer because that means the end of camping season is final.  So I am still running out to the Casita to get mayonnaise and mustard out of the refrigerator, a shirt to wear to town out of the underbed storage…. and sometimes I just sit in it and dream about taking off for life on the road.

The dreary weather, and knowing that holiday visits with the family are all behind me — meaning we’ll do Christmas alone this year — has me in a bit of a funk.

I did get the Christmas cards mailed today.

My project for this evening is to change my attitude and start enjoying this wonderful holiday season. I’ll start with putting some Christmas music on.   🙂

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  1. Kathy N

     /  December 20, 2011

    I’m quite envious of those temperatures!!! We’re not too bad yet here in PA, but it’s been fluctuating back and forth between ‘warm’ (40s and 50s) and then ‘snowy’, with slippery driving conditions.

    The way you’re feeling about covering the camper for the winter is the way I felt back in October when I begrudgingly took the canvas top off our ‘gazebo’ where we enjoy our meals in the summer (it’s as close to ‘camping’ as we get!). I get quite depressed knowing that we are ‘forced’ to eat our meals indoors until next May, not to mention knowing that snow and cold weather are coming up! So I understand the feeling, but I’d still love to have your temps right now! I don’t ‘need’ a White Christmas!


    • Kathy, I think your eating out in the gazebo probably gives you some of the same “outdoor freedom” feeling that we get from camping. It’s being outside in the open with fresh air and breezes and scenery, as opposed to being stuck behind four walls.

      I am grateful that it’s not icy or snowing here. I am such a spoiled wimp sometimes!

      Hope your winter is mild, and that gazebo season arrives again before you know it. 🙂


  2. I know how you feel. Foggy here, again. 30’s overnight. I started planning our Feb trip to the Quartzite gathering yesterday, so it brightened things up a bit.


    • Hi, Dan, Quartzite seems like such an intriguing place. Glad you have that to look forward to!

      We’re planning to go to the Green Eggs and Ham Rally in Alabama in March, and that’s not too far off.


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