Home Again

The excitement of being on the road again hit us as we pulled out of our campsite this morning.  Just going… with the little trailer in tow… is exciting in its own right.  It gives such a feeling of freedom and open horizons.

We drove past stark, bare pecan orchards, cotton fields with huge round bales of cotton wrapped in pink and yellow plastic, hills, swamps, and small towns, each with their own unique character.

But… we were heading home this time.

We just arrived a little while ago.  It feels good to be home, but sad for the trip to be over.


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  1. Kathy N

     /  December 17, 2011

    Love the photo on your header! It really captures the spirit of the RV adventure – as I would envision it. Just think how far you’ve come from last summer, when you didn’t think you’d be camping at all till NEXT summer, and the Casita was only a dream! So glad you’ve had a wonderful ‘first trip’! I’ve really enjoyed seeing all your photos.

    I certainly understand that half the fun is in ‘getting there’. I enjoy even mundane trips in the car, and don’t like to travel at night on a long trip, mostly because I’m missing the scenery!


    • Hi, Kathy,

      Glad you like the photo. I used to think I’d prefer boondocking in a beautiful wilderness somewhere, but am discovering I really love nice campgrounds and the people I meet there!

      I still have to pinch myself that we REALLY have a Casita. This past month, it has proved perfect for us.

      I know what you mean about mundane trips. Sometimes the light hitting a field or a building the right way can turn it into a breathtaking sight. And watching what comes into sight around the next bend is always a mini adventure!


  2. It was a wonderful trip you had and didn’t think you would.
    I remember when we would go on trips and I never wanted to go home. I would tease P and tell him to leave me at an RV Park or a camp ground. We would laugh and he would say never.
    Now I just drive home and stay awhile and then leave again. The thrill of going is always there know matter.

    I like your header picture.


    • JoJo, the trip was an amazing gift, wasn’t it? 🙂

      I have long dreamed of full timing, but now I realize that what I really want is to be able to go wherever and as long as I want to go. But I also need a home base that I can return to.

      You seem to have found an ideal balance between home and travel.


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