An Idyllic Day

Autumn in December

He leadeth me beside the still waters;
He restoreth my soul.

Today has been one of those days that is perfect from the start.  As Ron was waking up this morning, he heard someone call, “Merry Christmas!” and heard the RV next door pulling out.  He went outside and saw a neat pile of firewood with a fire carefully laid out in our firepit, complete with sticks of fat lighter.  All we would have to do is touch a match to it to start our campfire tonight.


I wish I could have thanked them, but they were long gone by the time I got out.

The weather was perfect today.  A little breezy until this afternoon, but sunny, bright and warm.  We saw several fish jump out of the water, so we tried a few casts in hopes of catching one or two.  Later, when the wind calmed down, we tried again with no luck.  But we loved just being by the water soaking up the sunshine.

Sunny at the door

Today we just fished at the water’s edge by our campsite.  We may go down to the fishing pier tomorrow and try a little harder.  It would be wonderful to have freshly caught fish for dinner.

We ended the day relaxing around a nice campfire.

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  1. Isn’t it wonderful what a day or two of “doing nothing” can do for our spirits and attitudes. Looks like a wonderful campground. Will have to put it on our list.


    • Jerry, this (Veterans Memorial State Park) is one of our favorite stop-over points between home and visiting relatives in Florida. It’s friendly and peaceful.

      There’s the huge Lake Blackshear Resort and Golf Course next door, but it seems like this little campground is in its own little quiet world.


  2. Gail

     /  December 16, 2011

    Looks like heaven. Love the new pics of the Casita… and Sunny standing in the door completes it all. 🙂


  3. I love your pictures, especially ‘Sunny at the door’. We have a Casita and a little white bichon named Sonny. Actually, we have four little bichons! We hope to be heading out with our Casita on Monday, headed for Palm Springs and then Arizona. Thanks for sharing your beautiful campsite with us.

    Mike Leonard


    • Mike, how cool that you have a little bichon named Sonny. And four little bichons…. what a beautiful little family!

      Do enjoy your trip! Hope the weather is perfect for you.


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