Lake Park, GA

Overnighting in Lake Park, GA

We are overnighting at Eagles Roost RV Park in Lake Park, GA tonight.  The park is beautiful and is one of our favorite places to stop.  But tonight it is almost empty here and the road noise from I-75 is louder than I ever remember it being before.

We stopped here so we could visit Ron’s older brother who is in a nursing home in Quitman, GA.

Empty campsites

The visit was heartbreaking.  His son has gotten rid of his vehicles and is renting his house to someone else, so Ron’s brother has no hope of ever returning home.

Don’t get me wrong.  His son loves him, but doesn’t believe that he will ever come home again so he is taking care of business as best he knows how.  But knowing that his things are all gone reinforces Ron’s brother’s loss of hope and paints a bleak future.  All he has to do all day in the nursing home is lie in bed and watch TV.

I wish that I were physically and emotionally able to take care of him.


  1. There must be an assisted living place somewhere he can go. He won’t need all those things left behind. Maybe knowing this will help him regain some hope. I know a few folks who had to go and they have made wonderful strides in there lives.


    • JoJo, I found out that one of the sons is trying to find an assisted living place for him. I do so hope it works out!

      Physically he looks great — a LOT better than when he first arrived there.


  2. ann

     /  December 17, 2011

    Overnighting in Lake Park, GA (caption) is my favorite picture of the camper.


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