Christmas on the Square

Wall to wall people

We arrived at Christmas on the Square a little before noon today.  It was much larger than it has been in past years with several streets of booths. The crowds were also much larger.

The puppies who melted my heart.

I enjoyed wandering around, but didn’t find a single thing that I wanted to buy — except for some gorgeous little puppies.  I think they said they were a mixture of American and English bulldog.  I have been looking for another dog as a companion for Sunny, but I doubt Sunny would be thrilled with a bulldog. And another dog, particularly a 50 pound bulldog — wouldn’t be a great choice for the 17′ Casita.  So I reluctantly passed the little guys by.

Alligator, anyone?

There were a few booths with quality goods, but most of it was kitsch that astonished me that anyone would actually consider buying!  I had hoped to feel a stirring of Christmas spirit and excitement there, but it didn’t happen.

Bug eating pitcher plants. They were sold out of the large ones that can eat field mice.

Had to get a photo of this vet.

1950 Ford. There was a full block lined with vintage cars on both sides of the street.

Beads and jewelry


Rocks & minerals

Handmade furniture

We had dinner at Mom’s this evening.  She fixed fried fish, french fries and hush puppies.  Not exactly healthy, but oh, was it delicious!  No one does fish better than Mom!

We plan to leave tomorrow and head south for a few days.

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  1. ukulefty

     /  December 4, 2011

    Looks like fun. Nothing quite like a good Christmas market. I’d love to get one of those pitcher plants!


  2. Looks like a fun day to get out and walk around even if nothing caught your eye. Wouldn’t you want to buy the bug eating plant? :}).
    Those puppies in the tub are cute. They have finally cracked down on people selling puppies on the side of the road here. Most of them die because even though the seller swears he has gotten them their fist shots he hasn’t. Its sad.

    But I hope you enjoy your travels.


  3. ukelefty and JoJo, I would love to have one of those pitcher plants, too. I decided not to get one due to the hassle of traveling with it and not having a good spot inside the house for it when I got home. They can tolerate a minimum temperature of 40 F. And I’m not sure I could keep them alive inside.

    JoJo, I worried about all the hands that were touching and holding the puppies, too. I’m sure they were exposed to a lot of very diverse germs. At first I thought it was a free puppies deal, but then learned that she was selling them for $200 each “to recoup vet fees.”

    If I were going to buy a puppy, I would definitely want to get one from a reputable breeder. Sunny is a rescue and he has emotional and physical problems.


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