The Lumberjacks

My beautiful baby sister Jeannie

Thanksgiving Day (yesterday) was one of the best ever.  Jerry and AJ came from Jacksonville, and Jeannie and Darrell came up from Clermont to join the rest of us.

Mom had a pine bark beetle infested pine tree leaning toward the house, so today’s project was take down the tree before it ended up in her bedroom.

Jeannie trying out her Verizon hotspot

Mike got the chainsaw fixed and running.  Darrell threw a rope tied to a baseball way up over a branch to tension the tree away from the house.  Darrell cut the tree down, Mike cut the branches off the tree, and Jeannie pulled the logs off into the woods with the truck.  Then we all carried branches to burn piles, and within a couple of hours, Mom’s yard was in decent shape again.

The rotten tree

Today was a special day of just being together and enjoying leftovers from the Thanksgiving feast.

Gail and Mike are leaving for Texas tomorrow morning.  We have had such a marvelous time in our gypsy camp on Mom’s property.  The weather has been glorious for outdoor activities.  Next week is supposed to be cooler, in the 60’s.

Notching the tree

Tree down


  1. Kathy N.

     /  November 26, 2011

    I’m enjoying reading your posts, and find it amusing that you think ‘cooler’ weather means the 60s. We’re happy that it’s ‘warming up’ to the 60s for this weekend in Pennsylvania, but it’s supposed to get back down to the 40s again next week. This is when I start dreaming of going South for the winter, but our travel budget is too slim right now.

    The Casita looks so cute and ‘livable’. It looks like your Mom lives in a park! Lovely scenery! So glad you had a great Thanksgiving!


    • Hi, Kathy,

      Even back at our place in west Georgia the 60’s would be warm. I don’t know why 60 feels cooler down here!

      I’d love to spend January and February in central Florida, but don’t see how we could make it work this year. If we had solar so we could stay in the Ocala National Forest campgrounds, we could probably swing it, since with our senior passes, it would only cost around $10 a day.

      Kathy, the Casita exceeded all our expectations for livability. It feels like it is much larger than it looks. We are thrilled with it.

      And Mom’s place does look like a park. It is loaded with fruit and nut trees that Dad planted years ago. And there is a pervasive sense of peace here.


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